How to Learn Meditation Quickly For Free Online

how to learn meditation quickly online free

So there I was looking for the best way how to learn meditation quickly for free online. And I couldn’t find a good enough guide. So I made one myself.

Over the coming pages of this guide we’ll reveal how to learn meditation quickly and for free online. With our complete guide you can learn quickly and easily. In a moment we’ll cover all the most important techniques, but first let’s get started by covering the basics of meditation and by giving advice on how you can get stated today.

The Fundamentals of Learning Meditation Online – A Quick Guide

  1. Learn in a structured way

There is one huge mistake that the majority of people make when they are trying to learn. The mistake is that they read random online articles without structure. Perhaps they’ll read an article on breathing, then go on to visualisation, ducking and weaving between various articles, with no sense of structure.

This is the wrong way to learn meditation.

The right way to learn is through a structure course (which we’ll provide for free in just a moment).

With a structured course you move logically from one step to the next, learning everything you need to know. Step 1, then, is to learn in a structured way.


  1. Take time to actually practice the meditation technique

A lot of people read about various techniques and then don’t take twenty minutes to actually try the technique.

“Learning meditation” is only a tiny part of the puzzle. You can’t truly learn unless you try the techniques as you go. So, as you read about the different techniques in our guide, be sure to actually try them. You can’t learn by reading; you can be introduced to techniques, but you can’t truly learn them unless you do  them. Do each meditation technique before moving onto the next.




  1. Talk about it with other people

It really doesn’t matter what you’re learning; the more you talk about the subject the quicker you will learn. The same is true for meditation. Make sure to discuss what you learn with other people and get them involved in the process too. You can do that offline with friends, or online by sharing and discussing our articles.

So, those are the basics of meditation. Because the idea of this article is to learn meditation quickly, we’ll move onto the actual techniques now. Click the NEXT button to get started.

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