How To Lie Down In Bed Mindfully To Heal The Body-Mind

how to lie down in bed mindfully

Who doesn’t love lying down in bed? Hitting the sack. Forgetting everything. Mellowing out.

You’ve got to love a good lie down. But are you lying down the right way?

You see, there is a way to lie down in bed properly. And there’s a way to lie down improperly.

Let’s discuss those two things.

Lying down in bed the wrong way is like this. You feel like relaxing so you take yourself off to your room, away from the kids, away from the dog / cat, away from everything. You lie down. But in your mind you’re still thinking about the kids, the mortgage, work… it’s like you carried all those things into the bedroom with you. They’re stuck on your mind the same way a bunch of cockleburs get stuck on your clothing. And you don’t know how to stop thinking. (If that’s you, read this guide to stop thinking, it’ll do you wonders).


That’s the wrong way to lie down. That’s the mindless way.

But how about the mindful way to lie down in bed?

The mindful way of lying down in bed is like this. You feel like relaxing so you take yourself off to your room, away from the kids, away from the dog / cat, away from work, away from everything. You lie down. And in your mind you are doing absolutely nothing except lying down.

The kids, the housework, your job… they’re gone. It’s just you and your bed, your lovely, lovely bed. You’re lying down in bed in body. And you’re lying down in bed in mind too. That’s the difference. Your mind is lying down too.

That’s complete lying down. That’s your body and your mind lying down and relaxing at the same time. That’s tranquility. That’s true relaxation.

Because when you need to lie down, it’s not just your body that needs to lie down. Sure, after the vacuuming, the cooking, your work, looking after the kids and everything else, you are physically tired. But you’re mentally tired too.

That’s why you need to relax both your body and your mind. That’s why when your body does nothing but lie down on the bed, your mind should do nothing but lie down on the bed too.



Now. Obviously lying down mindfully is relaxing. But it is also very goo for your health.

The Health Benefits Of Lying Down The Right Way Include:

Improved circulation

Better posture

Less chance of injury (for instance, waking up with a sore back in the morning)

Helps when you have asthma or another breathing problem

Creates  deeper state of relaxation (which is good for mental health)

Make you feel great when you wake up in the morning.


If you want to lie don in the healthiest way, you have to lie down in both body and mind

You’ve got to let your mind lie down on the bed with you too. You’ve got to let go of all those thoughts, all those responsibilities, all those worries. You’ve got to let them go so your mind can lie down and relax too.

But… It’s not always that easy.

Sometimes your mind resembles the tumble dryer. It goes round and round and round. It doesn’t stop.

How do you make your mind stop when you’re in bed? How do you lie down and just lie down?


That one little word (that one beautiful little word) is the solution. When you mindfully lie down in bed you switch everything off and just lie down.




Here’s what I recommend you do next time you lie down in bed.

Firstly, clear out the distractions. Whatever you can do to get rid of the distractions, do it. Send that last email. Do the dishes. You know the drill. Get it done. It will be worth it.

Next up, jump in bed, close the bedroom door, create a silent atmosphere. And if you can’t have silence because of the kids or the TV in the background, just put some relaxing music on. I’ve already put together some relaxing music for you to help you out.

Take a few moments to stretch and relax. I like to do some basic yoga or tai-chi before bed to relax my body. You probably already know this but a relaxed body does help to create a relaxed mind. But if you’re pushed for time just make sure to get nice and comfy in the bed.

Take five or ten minutes just to focus on your breathing. Just relax. Breathe. You might find it helpful to practice stillness breathing meditation for this. It’s a really easy breathing meditation that will help you unwind.

Now, once your mind feels calm and still, bring your focus to your body. Just tune in to your body and focus your mind on your entire physical being. Body scan meditation is good for this. Essentially, you want to feel as though your mind and body are one. It’s as though your mind is balancing on your body, while your body is completely relaxed on the bed.

Finally, imagine stepping back in your mind. Your focusing on you, but you take a little step back. You want your mind to be focussing on your entire body as it lies down on the bed.

Hold that.

Your mind is focussing on your body and your body is completely relaxed on the bed.

Hold that.

That’s lying down.

That is how you lie down in bed the mindful way.

That’s relaxation. That’s serenity. That’s complete tranquillity for body and mind.

Why not combine this with these other mindful exercises. Or, seeing as you are already in bed, try this meditation for lucid dreaming.

Thanks for reading.