How To Hear Your Inner Guidance Everyday

When you know how to hear your inner guidance, you will tap into your innate inner wisdom. 

Have you ever thought about how cool it would be just KNOW what to
do in a situation?

Perhaps you have a certain thought regularly, or you seem to find yourself constantly facing challenges or obstacles. You simply wish there was an easier way to make the most positive decision that would lead to the best outcome.

Today I’m going to show you just how to hear your inner guidance. so you can find the path to living an enlightened life, a life in which you are in touch with your surroundings and wiser than ever before!

Then you will be able to develop intuition

But first,  you may be wondering what the term ‘inner guidance’ means,
and why it’s such an incredible power to unlock.

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What Is Inner Guidance?

Essentially, ‘inner guidance’ is something that each and every person
has. Inner guidance revolves around the idea that we each have the ability to look past the challenges that life gives us, and use our own minds, souls and hearts to help us with this.

Being connected to our inner guidance allows us to notice any signs and messages from
the universe or the Divine. There is no set type of inner guidance, but many people recognise it as gut feelings, intuition, and an overwhelming sense of knowing what to do.

Sounds pretty amazing, right?! Let’s get into my tips and tricks of how to unlock it
and use it to the full potential!

Here is how to hear your inner guidance

1: Become Aware of Your Thoughts

Start practicing techniques like vipassana meditation, so you are more aware of your thoughts.

I would say that this is one of the most important steps to unlocking
your inner guidance and intuition. It’s easy to look past this though, as we often don’t realise how powerful our thoughts really are.

Our brains process millions of thoughts and pieces of information each day,
and so it can seem like quite a task to decipher our thoughts. But by noticing our most prominent thoughts, we can start to better understand our own minds, beliefs and emotions, which will help us greatly when it comes to choosing what’s right for us and even
those around us.

Start by noticing your emotions.

For example, if you’re feeling happy, remember to take note of this. If you’re feeling frustrated, take a note of it. This is the first part of becoming more aware of our thoughts.

Next, ask yourself WHY.

WHY do you feel the emotions you do? For example, if you’re feeling excited, think about why this is. If you’re feeling calm or peaceful, think about what made you feel that way.

This is also a great way to help you become more relaxed and more mindful,
as it can help you let go of any stress or anxiety.

The last stage is to ask yourself HOW did you get to feeling that emotion?
Perhaps the people around you made a big contribution or played an important role in this. Perhaps it was a specific activity you did which lead to feeling a specific way.

The most important thing here is to keep at it and stay consistent!

If you begin this inner-guidance exercise but don’t really seem to be getting to the
core of your emotions or thoughts, then it’s most likely just because it’s a new experience, and you need to practice it!

The more you do this, the more natural it will become, and before you know it, you’ll start to connect with your inner guidance.

Another great meditation for inner guidance is third eye ajna chakra meditation.

2: Find inner guidance by recording your dreams

One of the best things about dreaming is that all dreams are created from
our subconscious [read our guide to accessing your subconscious mind].

This means that our ego switches off and is “offline”. This means that all dreams we have are one hundred percent integral, and that we can put our trust the inner guidance that they provide us with.

The most vital step here is to keep track of as many of your dreams as you

If you’re someone who doesn’t remember a lot of your dreams, then try keeping a dream journal. You could first start off by writing down as much as you can remember from your dreams as soon as you wake up. Even if you can only remember a single thing that
happened, it is still so worth writing down! It is still good inner guidance to listen to.

If this isn’t too challenging for you, then you may find that the more you
do it, the more of your dreams you are able to remember.

However, if this doesn’t seem to work for you, or you struggle to remember
any details of your dreams, then you can try setting different alarms for different times of the night.

Whatever time you go to sleep, set an alarm for an hour and a half after this. The alarm should be an hour and a half as this is roughly the length of one
completed sleep cycle, and so setting the alarm for this time will mean that you should still feel energised when you wake up. Setting an alarm for the end of your sleep cycle also means that you may be able to remember more of your dreams, as you’d have just
finished dreaming when you wake up.

Once you begin to get pretty awesome at recording your dreams, you can then
begin to analyse them. This is when you will access inner guidance that is of the most value. However do be aware that dreams have a different understanding to what you might think [for an example, read: What Dreaming Of Someone Dying Means]

Start by reviewing the whole dream, and the break it down, element at a time. You could begin by looking at the setting of the dream and thinking about what this could symbolise, or what it could relate to in your waking life. For example,
if your dream was set in the mountains, then perhaps you could interpret this as a reference to challenges in a particular area of your life which you will later need to overcome.

If your dreams lack clarity, or you’re still struggling to remember them,
then exercise is a great way to make your dreams more vivid.

3: Look Out For Signs of inner guidance

Signs are something that are very overlooked by a lot of us. But we need to trust our inner guidance and listen to the signs it shows us. 

The main reason why we overlooked these signs is that we over perceive them to be coincidences.

The truth is that we receive many signs each day, which we just don’t realise.

This links back to what I was saying earlier, about tuning in to your thoughts and emotions.

For example, have you ever been thinking about someone such as a friend or relative, and then you all of a sudden get a text or a call from them? That’s a sign from the universe!

For lots of people, signs of inner guidance include seeing white feathers to indicate that
your son the right path, butterflies, coins, and most commonly, angel numbers.

Angel numbers are repeating numbers such as ‘111’, or ‘555’, and they are usually sent to deliver you an important message. You’ll know when you’re seeing angel numbers, as you will be seeing the same number all the time.

If this is the case, then you can look up the meanings of them, and see what comes to mind upon reading the meaning. You’ll sometimes find that these numbers are messages regarding something that will happen in the near future, whilst others will offer guidance on how to resolve a situation.

4: Access it with  oracle cards

Oracle cards [here’s a bunch on Amazon] are perhaps my favourite way of accessing inner guidance. They are essentially a little like tarot cards, but have no intention of giving you messages that could scare or worry you.

Start by researching some of the different decks, and find what seems fun
and appealing to you! There are hundreds of oracle card decks out there, so you’re sure find one that’s right for you!

The most amazing thing about oracle decks is that all the answers come from
within YOU! This is because your subconscious already knows what’s going on in your life, and just needs a little activation thought oracle cards. All energy from the cards will be of positivity and Divine love, as they are used to connect with angels, who
help to channel the messages from your subconscious.

There are also hundreds of different oracle card spreads, and so you will most likely find one that’s tailored to your situation. You can also make your own card spreads which is pretty cool!

5: Imagination

When you exercise your imagination you gain access to inner guidance. 

This tip is particularly helpful if you spend a lot of your time with your
head in the clouds. The more understanding you become of your intuition and inner guidance, the more you will find meaning within your daydreams. After all, science has proven that there are important messages in our daydreams.

This is also a great alternative if you are still struggling to remember your dreams.

If you would like to, you could ask Divine sources such as angels to send
you powerful images or visualisations which offer you guidance or solutions which you can relate to a certain situation or area of your life.

You might also like to try meditating on Shambhavi mudra position.

And that is how to listen to your inner guidance. 

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Author: Lola Blyth

Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a yoga teacher, meditation teacher and writer. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential through mindfulness, yoga and meditation.

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