How To Lose Weight — The Dos And Donts Of Weight Loss

Do Get in contact with others in the same position

A simple but important point, and in many ways similar to your support group. Getting and staying in contact with a group of people in a similar position will help for several reasons. You feel supported, but you also feel responsible to something beyond yourself as your weight loss partner will be relying on you for support too. You also have someone to talk to who understands exactly what you’re going through, as well as a gym partner if you live close to one another.

Do Recognise your own story 

One of the hidden gems of weight loss programs is the importance of showing a contestant’s personal story. Whilst almost all weight loss programs show their contestant’s stories they never expressly state why it’s important to realise your own weight loss story. The answer is that your personal story is a rich resource of motivation. Taking advantage of the emotional motivation of your personal story, of the ways in which your weight has affected your life can be the difference between retreating to the fridge and sprinting to the finishing line. You should make use of every gram of positive motivation you can get your hands on.

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