How To Make Meditation Easier In 3 Simple Steps

Many of my meditation students ask me how to make meditation easier. And I completely understand that. Sometimes, it is hard to focus. And you need to take some steps to make meditation easier. Especially if it is your first time meditating.

Thankfully, you can make meditation easier once you know how. 

When you meditate, there are three elements you need to be aware of. 

The 3 elements of meditation

  1. Firstly, your mind and your level of concentration.
  2. Secondly, the object you are meditating on. Some objects are easier to focus on than others. 
  3. And finally, distractions. These could be external distractions such as sounds. And they could also be internal distractions, such as thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations  

You need to monitor these three things as you meditate. 

Your mind is the core element. The stronger your focus, the easier it will be to meditate. However, it’s not always easy to increase your focus. 

The meditation object is the thing you are meditating on. For instance, the breath. Some objects are easier to focus on than others. For instance, it is easier to focus on a mantra than it is on just the breath. 

Distractions are the main problem. We want to eliminate as many distractions as possible.

By working on these three factors, you can make meditation easy. 

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How To Make Meditation Easier

As well as these tips, I recommend reading my guide to mindfulness for beginners. 

1: Reduce Distractions 

Distractions are the main enemy of any meditation practice. However, they are also relatively easy to get rid of. 

When you meditate, what distracts you?

For most people it will be environmental factors. For instance, if you’re meditating at home there’s probably a degree of noise. And that noise pulls at your mind, why is why it is hard to meditate sometimes. 

Another form of distractions is your thoughts. Are you always thinking when you try to meditate? If so, you will need to take steps to reduce thoughts. You can do this by using sound. For instance, if you him to yourself while meditating, you’ll find that the sound of your humming masks a lot of your thoughts.

And then there are physical distractions. These are sensations occurring in your body. 

Here are some pointers to reduce distractions while meditating. 

  1. Meditate in a quiet room or somewhere peaceful like a public park.
  2. If you are distracted by thoughts when meditating, try meditating with your eyes open while facing a blank wall (note that this is a technique traditionally used in Zen meditation)
  3. You can also reduce distracting thoughts by humming to yourself when you meditate.
  4. Finish any work or chores you need to do before you start meditating.
  5. Remove distracting sounds by listening to relaxing meditation music. 
  6. If physical sensations distract you and make it hard to meditate, stretch before you start, and make sure you are using proper meditation positions. 
  7. Do not use an app. Why?  Because a) being on a phone is distracting by itself. And b) you will be distracted by the voice of your guided meditation teacher (which is ironic). 
  8. Here are more tips to handle thoughts during meditation. 

2: Choose an easier meditation object 

Many people wrongly believe that when you meditate you need to focus on your breath. This simply isn’t true. You can focus on anything while you meditate. All that matters is that you focus. 

Some meditation objects are easier to focus on than others. 

Interesting, the breath is not a good choice. Why? Because the breath is elusive. You can’t see it. You can rarely hear it. It’s not an easy thing to focus on. 

If you want want do a breathing meditation, make it easier by humming. When you hum, it is easier to both hear and feel your breath. And this makes it easier to focus. 

You can also use physical objects for meditation. For instance, you can focus on a meditation crystal or a candle (as is done in the yoga technique Trataka). 

Essentially, to make meditation easier you want to choose an object that is easy to focus on. 

3: Increase your focus 

This is the hardest part to work on. Because it requires either lifestyle changes or mental exercise (which is not easy if you don’t have a good degree of concentration to begin with). 

However, there are some steps you can take to increase your focus.

  • Reduce caffeine intake 
  • Drink green tea 
  • Exercise 
  • Get off social media (and other sources of information overload)
  • Take walks in relaxing places 
  • Eat a healthy diet 

And now we have our 3 step process to make meditation easier. 

Here is a recap:

  • Reduce distractions, both external and internal 
  • Choose an easy meditation object to focus on (humming is a good choice) 
  • Increase your focus by making basic lifestyle changes 
  • Make sure you are also using a basic beginners meditation script.

If you would like help meditating, book an online meditation lesson with me today. 

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