Use This Prosperity Meditation To Manifest Money And Wealth Today

Use This Prosperity Meditation To Manifest Money And Wealth Today

If you want to manifest wealth, the best way to do it is with a prosperity meditation. 

Meditation trains your subconscious mind so that you can change your beliefs and start to achieve the life you desire. 

Scientific research has proven that our beliefs create our reality

Your mind perceives the world in a way that substantiates your beliefs. In other words, if you believe you are poor you will see a world that is making you poor. And if you believe you are rich you will create a reality of wealth. Your mind will then literally manifest money and wealth. 

Problem is: how do you change your beliefs? 

And the answer is this: you change your beliefs by training your mind to see the world in a different way.  Once you see the world in a different way you will live a different life. 

If you want to manifest wealth and abundance you will need to see the world as a source of wealth and abundance And the only way to do this is to train your mind. 

Let me show you how to do a prosperity meditation that will make you see the world as a source of riches and wealth. This prosperity meditation  will train your mind to manifest money and wealth.

All you need to do is this meditation for 20 minutes a day. 

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How To Use Meditation For Prosperity, Wealth And Money

When we meditate we gain control of the way we perceive the world. We are able to stop the cycle of negative thoughts about money and other things. 

Do you have negative thoughts about money? If so you will need to change them before you can manifest wealth. So read the link above to see how to do that.  

When we meditate for prosperity we train the mind to stop thinking negatively about money and start thinking positively about it.  This then changes our perception of our reality. From there we can train the mind to see the world as a source of wealth, money and prosperity. We will then literally manifest prosperity.  

Below I will share the best meditation for prosperity. But first there are some important things to know before you start manifesting money. 

When You Manifest Abundance And Prosperity, You Need To Tell The Universe What You Desire 

The key to manifesting wealth is  clearly ask the universe for what you want, i.e: money.  

Just as the famous Paolo Coelho quote says:

“When your heart truly desires something, the whole universe conspires to help you achieve that thing, simply because it is a desire that originated from the soul of the world –Paulo Coelho”. 

You must choose what you want precisely, and ask for it precisely (I’ll show you how in a moment).

When you determine what you want, and when you ask for what you want with clarity and with precision, the universe will respond by manifesting that which is asked for. 

The universe will respond to your desire once you ask for what you want.

So, when you want to manifest money you need to very clearly ask the universe for wealth and prosperity. Only then we you truly start to manifest money. 

How To Manifest Wealth And Prosperity The Wrong Way

Some people try to manifest wealth the wrong way. And instead of manifesting money they actually end up manifesting the opposite.

Are you manifesting poverty right now? You could be.

It is possible for manifestation meditations to go completely wrong. It is possible for your prosperity meditation to actually make you poor. 

This happens for a reason.

The reason is fear.

When your mind is full of fear, you focus more on what you do not want instead of what you do want. So when you’re sitting there meditating on prosperity but in the back of your mind you are actually seeing poverty, you may do more harm than good. 

Science shows that fear and anxiety lead us to ruminate on things we do not want.

When we focus on the bad things in life, we actually manifest more of them. Dwelling on negatives will bring more negatives into your life. This is the very opposite of manifesting prosperity. 

It’s also a key reason why gratitude is important.

When we are grateful we focus on the things we like, the positives in life, and by focusing we manifest more of those things.

But when we dwell on fears and anxiety we accidentally manifest negatives.

What we focus on grows. To manifest money you need to be focusing on receiving money, not losing it.  

For instance, if we want to manifest money and wealth, but we actually worry about poverty, we will manifest more poverty, rather than manifesting abundance and prosperity.

When we ask the universe to manifest our desires, but actually focus on our fears, the universe manifests our fears. This is called Inverted Thought Formation, which means focusing on what we do not want as opposed to what we do want. It is because of Inverted Thought Formation (ITF) that the universe manifests the inverse of our desire.

Therefore, if (for instance) you want to manifest money, you should working on changing your thoughts about money first.

When you do a prosperity meditation, you manifest money and wealth because you actually become money and wealth

Whatever we desire we must become.

Because of the law of attraction, when we are manifesting prosperity we must embody prosperity, and we must not embody the lack of that which is desired. 

 The law of attraction means we must subconsciously focus on whatever we want to manifest.

In other words: we must be thankful for what we currently have in order to get more of it.

This is not always easy.

Negative energies in our energy field can produce blockages in our chakras which lead to negative emotions.

These negative emotions produce negative manifestations.

These negative manifestations are often physical.

We may feel aches and pains, or we may feel emotional or physical pain, as the result of blocked chakras.

To deal with this, balance your chakras.

Only by clearing our chakras can we find our energy centre, and only then can we connect with the universe and receive the manifestation of our desires.

The scientific and spiritual truth is this: what we focus on inwardly is what the universe manifests for us outwardly.

Use This Law Of Attraction Meditation To Manifest Your Desires

Law of Attraction Meditation – Speed Up Your Manifestations – Powerful! (New)


Use This Prosperity Meditation To Manifest Money And Wealth

Step 1

Close your eyes and lie or sit somewhere comfortable

Step 2

Allow yourself to focus on your breath for at least a few minutes and try to silence any thoughts in your mind. Make sure you are completely relaxed before continuing.

Step 3

Imagine that just in front of you is all the money you ever wanted. It is yours. You earned it or acquired it fairly in a way you are pleased with.

Step 4

Allow yourself to get used to the idea of that money being there.

Step 5

This is where this technique varies to the typical. Be mindful of your inner conflict. Part of your mind will be saying you cannot have the money, or you don’t deserve it, or that it is impossible to actually get that money. Do NOT fight these thoughts away. Accept them.

Step 6

Acknowledge all the reasons why you might not get the money. If, for instance, you think I don’t deserve this wealth, go with that. Ask why you do not deserve it and accept all the answers.

Step 7

Now accept all the positive reasons why you do deserve the money, why you will get it, and what you will do with it.

Step 8 

The key with this entire technique is to acknowledge both the good and the bad. So make sure you have accepted all the positives and the negatives. This is a psychological technique called Mental Contrasting and is backed by science.

Step 9 

Decide what one thing you will do for the universe in exchange for the money and make it something realistic and worthwhile. For instance, “I will end world hunger.” No. Won’t happen. We both know it wont. Say the one thing you actually will do and why it matters.

Step 10

Do not take the money. Tell yourself, “This money is here for when I am ready. I will fulfill my purpose and then take the money as reward”.

step 11

Begin to recite a good-luck mantra

You can also manifest money by changing your beliefs about wealth and prosperity

Ultimately, your attitude, thoughts, and beliefs shape your world.

Therefore, if you want to control your world you have to control your beliefs.

There are lots of ways in which you can shape your beliefs. I’ve written an in-depth guide to controlling your beliefs about your future, and there are many meditation techniques that you should try too. 

Important tips for using this prosperity meditation to manifest wealth and money

To manifest money, follow these tips  

1: Change your perspective

There’s a famous quote that says, “Change your view of the world and you change the world.”

Your perspective shapes the way you look at thing.

If you want to manifest wealth, you must see a world of wealth.

See the world as a positive and friendly place where good things happen and when there are many, many opportunities.

When you see a world of opportunities and prosperity you will welcome good tidings into your life, you will experience the world at a higher frequency. Then you will manifest wealth. 

2: Find what you need within

 You must rid yourself of the obstacles between yourself and that which you desire.

Stop thinking that abundance and success are “Out there.”

Instead, see yourself as a person of success and abundance.

You yourself are the source of abundance. Use affirmations to create the belief that you are, at your core, a person of abundance.

3: Accept

Learn to adopt an attitude of acceptance.

Allow yourself to have abundance.

Do not listen to people who seem to distance you from a world of abundance, and do not allow yourself to think negative thoughts about abundance.

One of the most important ways to do this is to start with your view of yourself.

Do you believe that your life is lacking? If so, change that belief. See everything positive in your life. See all the ways in which you already have abundance and prosperity in your life. When you see your world as a world of wealth your mind will naturally manifest wealth. 


4: Focus on the present moment

Use the present moment to create the belief that you are living a life of abundance.

Be thankful and grateful for everything you have in your life.

Gratitude is one of the most important traits a person can have.

If you are not thankful for what you already have, you will not get more, you’ll get less.

Express gratitude for all you have, this way more of the good stuff will come to you. Only with gratitude will you be able to manifest wealth and prosperity. 

5: Action

Use positive action to affirm your life of abundance.

Begin acting as though you are already living a life of abundance.

Make yourself push for abundance and prosperity.

Ask yourself, what is it that you could do right now that would create the belief that you are living a life of abundance.

Do that thing.

Act on positive thoughts, on passions.

Do everything in a more inspired way, at a higher frequency.

 6: Kindness

Remind yourself that your life or abundance will be to the benefit of all. Tell yourself that you will use your life of abundance to benefit other people. This helps to look at abundance in a more positive light.

The absolute most important thing to get right is the belief that you yourself are the source of abundance.

You must see abundance in yourself.

Abundance is not “out there,” it’s in you.

Change your view of yourself, see yourself as a person of abundance, then act on that belief.

Dr Wayne Dyer’s Prosperity Meditation Technique

In this fantastic video doctor and self help guru Wayne Dyer reveals how you can manifest prosperity. This will help you to manifest money and wealth. Plus, it’s a highly enlightening video. Be sure to watch in full. If you found this page helpful please share on Facebook. This helps our site to grow. Thank you.

Sound Meditation for Manifesting by Dr. Wayne Dyer

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