How To Manifest Your Reality To Attract Abundance And Prosperity

how to manifest your reality

Ever wondered how to manifest your reality and get what you desire? If so, you’re about to find the answers…


As we walk through life’s often dense foresty, and take the journey of self discovery, it’s vitally important that we create the life that we truly want and desire. Our inner worlds and outer worlds work hand in hand to create out reality. So we must manifest what we want inside in order to see it happen outside.

Manifestation can be defined as: An object, event, or action that embodies something, most particularly an idea or a theory.

If you want a life of success, then you need to know how to manifest your reality in order to get what you desire.

Manifestions happen when you ask the universe for what you want. When you determine what you want, and when you ask for what you want with clarity and with precision, the universe will respond by manifesting that which is asked for. The universe will respond to your desire once you ask for what you want. However, many of us allow fear to dictate our minds. We then focus on what we don’t want. The universe then manifests what we don not want precisely because that is what we are focusing on.



The wrong way how to manifest your reality is to focus on your fears and anxieties. 


When we ask the universe to manifest our desires, but actually focus on our fears, the universe manifests our fears. This is called Inverted Thought Formation, which means focusing on what we do not want as opposed to what we do want. It is because of Inverted Thought Formation (ITF) that the universe manifests the inverse of our desire.

In the garden of your mind may fresh and vibrant flowers grow.



We must nurture ripe fruit in our mind in order to have ripe fruit on our table.

Whatever it is we desire we must embody it in ourselves. This,when we are aiming for abundance, we must have gratitude, because of the law of attraction. The law of attraction dictates that what we subconsciously focus on is what the universe will produce for us. So, we must be thankful for what we currently have in order to get more of it.

Negative energies in our energy field can produce blockages in our chakras which lead to negative emotions. These negative emotions then produce negative manifestations. These negative manifestations are often physical. We may feel aches and pains, or we may feel emotional or physical pain, as the result of blocked chakras. Only by clearing our chakras can we find our energy centre, and only then can we connect with the universe and receive the manifestation of our desires

The scientific and spiritual truth is this: what we focus on inwardly is what the universe manifests for us outwardly.


So, how to manifest your reality…

In order to manifest your reality you must focus on the attainment of the things that you desire.

By focusing inwardly on abundance and prosperity, we manifest abundance and prosperity in our lives. The universe listens when our message is clear. 

How to manifest your reality

The pathways to the manifestation of desire is to first clear the spiritual energy centres. Meditation is the key. By meditating (particularly in the anapanasati style) we can begin to clear our energy centre. Chakra meditation should then follow. This will purify the spiritual body. We can then begin to manifest our reality by focusing on that which we desire. The universe will then respond by providing us with that which is desired.

And that is how to manifest your reality.




Use this meditation to manifest money

This is the number one way to manifest tons of money right now. Use your subconscious to manifest money into your bank account.


This meditation with make you financially confident and will attract wealth

Step 1

Close Your Eyes and lie or sit somewhere comfortable

Step 2

Allow yourself to focus on your breath for at least a few minutes and try to silence any thoughts in your mind.  DO NOT CONTINNUE UNTIL YOU ARE TOTALLY RELAXED!

Step 3

Imagine that just in front of you is all the money you ever wanted. It is yours. You earned it or acquired it fairly in a way you are pleased with.

Step 4

Allow yourself to get used to the idea of that money being there.

Step 5

Reach out and try to take the money.

If you see / feel a conflict, go to step 7. If not, proceed to step 6 .

Step 6

Take your time to imagine yourself, with your new wealth, in a variety of situations that are emotionally important to you (for instance, imagine you are with family, friends, etc.) Continue doing this until you see / feel an internal conflict.

Step 7

Allow yourself to focus on the conflict in whatever form it might come. For instance, if your conflict comes to mind as a picture, focus on the picture, if it is a sound or a voice, focus on that etc.

Step 8

Once you are able to see the conflict, imagine mentally pushing it away. Just push it off into the distance until you can no longer see it.

Step 9

Return to thinking about the money. The conflict will come back. It might be the same conflict or might be a new one. Either way, continue to push it into the distance until it vanishes.

Step 10

Continue to push away all the conflicts until you are able to imagine yourself holding the money with 100% focus

Getting rid of all your conflict could potentially take a long time, depending on the level of emotions involved, but keep going until you can hold that money with 100% focus and no conflict. Once there, routinely bring the money to mind and imagine it being in your hand. You now know how to be more confident in yourself. With the new, focussed, confident and determined you, it soon will be!


By learning to use meditation for abundance and prosperity you will learn to stop holding yourself back, to adopt an attitude of acceptance, and to welcome abundance and prosperity into your life.

Ultimately, your attitude, thoughts, and beliefs shape your world. That’s why, if you want to control your world you have to control your beliefs.

There are lots of ways in which you can shape your beliefs. I’ve written an in-depth guide to controlling your beliefs about your future, and there are many meditation techniques that you should try too.

But right no I would like to share with you a special meditation for abundance and prosperity, which will let you shape your personal world the way you want it to be.

Here’s how to use meditation for abundance and prosperity.


Meditation for Abundance and Prosperity STEP 1: Perspective

There’s a famous quote that says, “Change your view of the world and you change the world.” That’s very true. Your perspective shapes the way you look at thing.

If you want to have abundance you must see a world of abundance, as a positive and friendly place where good things happen and when there are many, many opportunities. When you see a world of opportunities and prosperity you will welcome good tidings into your life, you will experience the world at a higher frequency. Learn to see a world that provides you with opportunities; this is step 1.



Meditation for Abundance and Prosperity STEP 2: Affirmation

Affirmation Quote: “I attract abundance into the world.”

When you learn to affirm your view of the world, the world of abundance from step 1, you put yourself in harmony with your source. You must rid yourself of the obstacles between yourself and that which you desire. Stop thinking that abundance and success are “Out there.” Instead, see yourself as a person of success and abundance. YOU are the source of abundance. Use affirmations to create the belief that you are, at your core, a person of abundance.


Meditation for Abundance and Prosperity STEP 3: Acceptance

Learn to adopt an attitude of acceptance. Allow yourself to have abundance. Do not listen to people who seem to distance you from a world of abundance, and do not allow yourself to think negative thoughts about abundance. One of the most important ways to do this is to start with your view of yourself. Do you believe that your life is lacking? If so, change that belief. See everything positive in your life. See your life now as a life of abundance.


Meditation for Abundance and Prosperity STEP 4: Present Moment

Use the present moment to create the belief that you are living a life of abundance. Be thankful and grateful for everything you have in your life. Gratitude is one of the most important traits a person can have. If you are not thankful for what you already have, you will not get more, you’ll get less. Express gratitude for all you have, this way more of the good stuff will come to you. And just in case you’re wondering, there are lots of things to be thankful for (take a look around).


Meditation for Abundance and Prosperity STEP 5: Action

Use positive action to affirm your life of abundance. ACTION is a key word here. Being acting as though you are already living a life of abundance. Make yourself push for abundance and prosperity. Ask yourself, what is it that you could do right now that would create the belief that you are living a life of abundance. Do that thing. Act on positive thoughts, on passions. Do everything in a more inspired way, at a higher frequency.


Meditation for Abundance and Prosperity STEP 6: Kindness

Remind yourself that your life or abundance will be to the benefit of all. Tell yourself that you will use your life of abundance to benefit other people. This helps to look at abundance in a more positive light.


The absolute most important thing to get right is the belief that you yourself are the source of abundance. You must see abundance in yourself. Abundance is not “out there,” it’s in you. Change your view of yourself, see yourself as a person of abundance, then act on that belief.

For a complete guide to using meditation for abundance, read my Complete Guide To Mindfulness and Meditation.

In this fantastic video doctor and self help guru Wayne Dyer reveals how you can manifest your desire to create abundance and prosperity. This is a highly enlightening video. Be sure to watch in full. If you found this page helpful please share on Facebook. This helps our site to grow. Thank you.

Sound Meditation for Manifesting by Dr. Wayne Dyer


A great alternative to this is to use mantras for good luck and fortune.

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