How to Meditate with Amazon Alexa, Echo Mindfulness Skills

mindfulness meditation skills alexa echo

Amazon Alexa and Echo’s mindfulness skills can help you to meditate at home.

If you have been following THE DAILY MEDITATION, you will know that there’s tons of great mindfulness devices out now.  They range from headbands like MUSE to apps like Calm and Headspace.

Amazon’s Alexa and Echo now have a whole host of different mindfulness and meditation skills that can help you to meditate at home.  They include guided meditations, soothing sounds, and exercises.  You can use these skills for relaxation, sleeping, happiness and, well, pretty much anything else you’re looking how.

Here is how to meditate with Alexa and Echo. Obviously you will need to have an Alexa or Echo to do this (available on Amazon).

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How to Meditate With Alexa / Echo Mindfulness Skills

To find meditation skills on Amazon Echo and Alexa, you will want to navigate to either the Health & Fitness or Lifestyle category via your phone or tablet (clips the hamburger menu> Skills > Categories > Health & Fitness or Lifestyle).

Here are the different meditation skills you’ll find on Amazon Alexa and Echo.

1: Real Simple Relax

real simple relax alexa

There are many different mindfulness skills on Alexa. The latest is from Skilled Creative, who on Monday release the new guided meditation skills Real Simple Relax, which is a guided introduction to meditation.

Real Simple Relax offers introductory guides to how to meditate, and guided meditations. The skill is designed to help beginners get into meditation. The meditations are audio but there are some visuals for those of you who own an Amazon Echo Show smart display.

2: Headspace

headspace alexa echo

When you open Headspace on Alexa or Echo you will be met with the Zen voice of Andy who will introduce you to the benefits of meditation and the Skill itself. You can also simply use the voice command “Alexa, open Headspace”.

Once you’re running Headspace you can use voice commands to get various meditations. For instance, if you say “Alexa, ask Headspace for today’s meditation” Andy will give you the meditation of the day. You can also use specific voice commands for specific meditations. For instance, if you say, “Alexa, tell Headspace I want to sleep” you will be given a guided meditation for sleep.

3: One Minute Meditation

one minute meditation alexa

While you’re talking to Alexa, go ahead and say, “Alexa, open One Minute Meditation”. No prizes for guessing what you are going to find here. That’s right, a bunch of one minute meditations that are designed to give you a quick break (although I will say, as a meditation teacher, that one minute meditations are not actual meditation and are woefully ineffective compared to proper traditional meditations).

4: Guided Meditation: Meditation for the Day for Calm

To get to this mindfulness skill, say “Alexa open Guided Meditation”. Lo and behold, you are met with another Zen voice that will lead you through different meditations that vary from three minutes to eight minutes. There are different meditations for all different needs, such as for anxiety, depression, stress and other issues. Although it should be noted that there is no research to suggest that these short meditations have any significant effect on the health problems that they claim to remedy. So again, take it with a pinch of salt.

5: Meditation Studio

To open this meditation skill, use the voice command, “Alexa, open Meditation Studio”. Alexa will open the Meditation Studio, where you will find all sorts of meditations designed for everything from sleep to performance enhancement. You can tell Alexa what categories you are interested in, and Alexa will open up a meditation designed for your need. You can also use Alexa voice commands to open specific meditations, such as by saying, “Alexa, ask Meditation Studio to play Happiness Meditation.”

Sweet Dreams: Sounds & Meditations for Sleep

sweet dreams alexa

For this mindfulness skill, use the Alexa voice command, “Alexa, open Sweet Dreams”. In response, Alexa will ask you if you’d like a soothing sound or a meditation. You can ask for a list of sounds or meditations. The sounds include things like streams, forests, and rain. Guided meditations include everything from Falling Asleep to Breathing in The Waves.

How beneficial are Meditation Skills on Alexa and Echo?

Time for a reality check. While there are tons of great mindfulness skills on Amazon and Alexa, and while they are lots of fun, they are no substitute for actual, proper meditation. One to ten-minute guided meditations are going to have a significant effect on your mental health. So, use them for fun, but always remember that they are massively limited. Calling them Meditations is like calling McDonald’s a restaurant (it isn’t). After all, Buddha did not become enlightened by saying to Alexa, “Hey, Alexa, make me enlightened in two minutes please’.

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By Paul Harrison

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