How To See Guardian Angels All Around You

Real photo showing guardian angels

Would you like to know how to see guardian angels?

Your life is surrounded by guardian angels. You have likely felt the influence and presence of guardian angels in your life, maybe when you were sad or down. You may have experienced moments of direct communication with your guardian angel. You can also learn to see those guardian angels in your life.

These guardian angels protect us from harm. They are here to guide us and to save us when we need saving.

There are already people who see guardian angels easily. Children and babies do. They are not concerned with the difference between perception through the imagination and perception through the senses. They know how to see guardian angels. To them, perception is perception, pure and true. They see what they see. And they see their guardian angels.

Guardian angels want to see us every bit as much as we want to see them, if not more so. We can help them to communicate with us by acknowledging their presence in our life. Many people believe that when you see a guardian angel you see them as you see a regular person, in clear 3D, as a solid living human being. But in truth, to see guardian angels we need to use our mind’s eye.

Real clairvoyance is more akin to the perception you experience when daydreaming. It is your mind’s eye that creates the vision. But just because it is your mind’s eye, the vision is every bit as true. Your mind’s eye is often more truthful than your physical eyes.

If you want to know how to see guardian angels, look with your mind’s eye

Through commitment and practice you can develop your mind’s eyes and your ability to see the guardian angels in your life. You will learn to look at a person and see the angel hovering around them. In the early stages of the journey to clairvoyance, most people usually have to close their eyes while they scan someone. That allows their mind’s eye to take over.

Early on in clairvoyance many people see lights and colours without details. Later, we develop the power to see the angel’s figure, perhaps a hand or a wing. And then later still we are able to see the full guardian angel and the colours shimmering from them.

It is often during times of need when we see a guardian angel. When we are very stressed, or when we are depressed, our guardian angel will appear. The angel may look like a normal human being, with or without wings, but the angel is very clearly there, and the person may even be able to reach out and touch the angel.

There are other ways in which angels appear to us. Have you seen orbs of light in photos? That is often a guardian angel making itself known. Look through your photographs. Are there guardian angels there?

There are some specific techniques you can use to help take photos of guardian angels too. Try taking a photo of a newborn baby, for instance, or of a spiritual person, or in some area that is spiritually active. You will likely find that the photos have orbs of light—the presence of a guardian angel. You will find it helpful if you specifically ask the guardian angel to appear before taking the photo. Ask in your mind. The angel will appear.




More ways of seeing guardian angels

There are many other ways in which you can see guardian angels.

At the University of Virginia, Dr. Ian Stevenson has been collecting evidence of “dream visitations,” times when an individual is visited by their guardian angel during their sleep. Dr. Stevenson says that the degree to which the person is able to see the angel is what distinguishes a true visitation from a dream. When we are visited by a guardian angel we seen them clearly and in rich colours, and we experience strong emotions too. The vision then stays with you long after the dream.

Angel Lights: Many people have seen sparkling lights. These are people with perfect vision so there is no physical reason for them to see the lights. These sparkles are actually angel lights. If you can see these sparkling lights it means you are capable of perceiving energy waves. Many people are known to be able to see these sparkling lights, though some deny it.

Coloured Mist: Coloured mist is another important way in which guardian angels reveal themselves.

Angel Clouds: Look up to the sky. Do you see clouds in the shapes of angels? A clear sign of the presence of an angel in your life.


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