In this tutorial, we will be looking at how to do third eye meditation for the Ajna chakra, the script and its benefits.

Benefits of this technique include increased insight and intuition, and the development of psychic powers [READ: Develop Psychic Abilities Through Meditation]. 

What Is The Ajna Chakra / Third Eye Meditation?

The Third Eye Meditation technique is a form of chakra meditation [READ: Chakra Dhyana For Beginners]. It is used to open the ajna chakra, or “third eye”.   

The third eye is the pineal gland located in the centre of the brain. Rene Descartes once called it the location of the soul. The pineal gland contains cells called pinealocyte that produce melatonin that helps. It also contains glial cells that support neurons.  The circadian rhythm is vital because it controls our internal clock, telling us when to sleep and when to be active.   

Researchers believe, however, that the third eye pineal gland is more important than this. It has been linked to many aspects of health, including metabolism, depression related to sleep, sense of direction, mood, and potentially the various functions related to the hypothalamus (such as thyroid function and hormonal functions).  One study also related the pineal gland to drug addition [Francesco Crespi (2018) The Pineal Hypothesis for Drug Dependence. International Physiology Journal – 2(1):3-8.]   

Although there is no proof, ancient texts state that we can meditate to open the third eye pineal gland. Third Eye meditation is a practice used in Taoism and numerous Chinese religions, including Chan Buddhism (Zen).  In these religions, the “sixth chakra (Ajna) is considered one of the most important elements of spiritual awakening. Some Christian teachers, including Richard Roar, have also advocated third eye training, as have some theologists, including Charles Webster Leadbeater, and H. P. Blavatsky and his adherents. Rick Strassman [ American clinical associate professor of psychiatry at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine] called the Third Eye the “Spirit Molecule”, such was the power he saw in it. 

One way to tap into this power is by using meditation to open the Third Eye.

Meditation, of course, is the psychological practice of focusing the mind on the present moment. Stemming from a combination of Hinduism, tantra, yoga, and Buddhism, meditation is about mindfully observing the present moment. It helps with stress, anxiety, depression, negative thoughts, and yes, you can meditate to open the third eye.

There is a direct link between meditation and the third eye. Ajna Chakra meditation relaxed the mind to open us to the intuition located in the third eye. [1] and can even lead to clairvoyance and latent psychic powers.  

There are many reasons why this chakra can become blocked, which you can read about below. They include stress and fatigue. A blockage of the Ajna chakra will impede your psychic abilities and could cause mental health complications. Thankfully, we can use Third eye meditation to reduce stress and reopen the chakra.

I should mention that you don’t actually need to meditate to open the Ajna chakra. There are gemstones you can use, as well as mantras, mudra, and other methods. However, meditation is generally considered to be the most powerful and fastest means of Ajna chakra activation.

third eye ajna chakra symbol

How to do the Third Eye meditation technique (script) 

This is a yoga meditation on the third eye. The script contains precise instructions, so be sure to follow it carefully. You might also like to try these other yoga techniques.


  1. Go to a quiet, relaxing area. Sit comfortably with good posture so your spine is elongated with a natural curve at the bottom. Lower your chin slightly. Now place your hands so that the index fingers and thumbs are touching at the tips. Close your eyes gently. 
  2. Breathe deep through your nose. You should be from the diaphragm. Hold your breath for a moment at the end of your inhales . Then exhale through your mouth. 
  3. Relax your face. Feel the relaxation extending to the body.
  4. Gradually relax more and more.
  5. Focus your attention between your eyebrows. Become aware of Ajna, the energy in the centre of your forehead. Feel it opening and radiating light.
  6. Notice the light travelling outwards from your Ajna chakra in 360 degrees.
  7. Let go and release any negative or disruptive thoughts.
  8. Continue to relax
  9. Allow the sphere of light in your forehead to open. Observe the light radiating.
  10. Continue to relax your body. As you do so, be aware of the sensation of your body becoming lighter and lighter.
  11. Allow Ajna to open, continuing to relax.
  12. Ask for divine help to open you’re your chakras.
  13. Allow the light to flow through you, out of your Ajna.
  14. Ask your Higher Self to fill you with pure white light. Ask for the light to fill you throughout, into every place in and around you.
  15. Ask your Higher Self if there is a message about you opening your third eye. Part of the 3rd eye meditation technique is to listen to any messages that come to you. So be still for a couple of minutes and allow any message to appear.
  16. Ask your divine self if there are other ways to open the chakra. This is important. Your higher self will send you ideas for continuing your development. Listen to those ideas.
  17. Notice if images or thoughts or visions are arising.
  18. Once you have experienced the Ajna chakra for long enough, take your time and gradually bring your awareness back to the present place and time.
  19. Say (aloud or in your head) “I am fully present in this moment, here and now.”
  20. Take a deep breath, stretch and express gratitude.
  21. This entire process should take approximately twenty minutes.

This third eye meditation script should be followed carefully. You might like to bookmark this page, so you have the script saved for later.

Now, as I previously discussed, there are ways to open the third eye. So let’s take a look at some of those options.

More ways To Open The Third Eye (Ajna) Chakra Without Meditation

Now that we have looked at how to meditate on the third eye, here are some methods of activation that do not require meditating.

Of these, the best method is using the Third Eye Meditation technique.

Benefits of Third Eye Meditation And Ajna Chakra

There are many benefits of opening the Ajna chakra.

For starters, ajna meditation is one of the best ways of cultivating insight and intuition. When we open the third eye with meditation, we awaken our insight [READ: Meditation For Insight And Intuition]

Have you ever felt moments of intuitive wisdom, when you knew something important even though you weren’t sure how you knew?

Maybe you sensed someone was in pain. Or you felt a voice calling you though you couldn’t see anyone. Or you felt a warning inside your self.

These are moments of insight that give you the vital information you need to know.

Such insight comes from the Ajna chakra (third eye). That’s why the primary benefit of third eye meditation is unlocking insight and intuition.

The Ajna chakra, or pineal gland, is the source of extrasensory information, or” sixth sense”.

Breaking scientific research shows that the quantum theory is accurate (we are all interconnected), and this gives evidence to the validity of the Ajna chakra.

Unfortunately, most people’s Ajna chakra is calcified and not open. The key to opening it is with spiritual practices, such as a combination of meditation and yoga, and in particular Third Eye Meditation technique. Doing this method relaxes the mind and unleashes the psychic powers within. This is why this is one of the best meditations for intuition and insight.

Third Eye Meditation technique shares most of the common benefits of meditation, such as relaxation and enhanced cognitive performance. It also has unique benefits, which are associated with the Ajna chakra. Benefits include spiritual awakening and the cultivation of psychic powers. Specifically, third eye meditation benefits us by helping us to perceive the world outside of the trappings of the mind.

More Benefits 



What does awakening the Third Eye do?

The Ajna chakra is the gateway to psychic and spiritual development. Some of the benefits of opening the Ajna chakra include heightened intuition and insight; spiritual growth; the cultivation of supernatural powers. For more on this see the section “Third Eye Meditation Benefits”, above.

Can opening your third eye be dangerous?

There are some stories that some Ajna chakra techniques can cause headaches, especially when you use the Shambhavi Mudra. For this reason, it is important to go slowly. This does not mean that you should not do it. Ajna meditations benefits outweigh its cons. But do proceed cautiously.

Does meditation open your third eye?

There are specific techniques that can be used to activate the Ajna chakra. Methods include mantras, mudras and visualizations. See the Ajna Meditation script above for more.

What happens if the third eye opens?

When the Ajna chakra opens, we gain access to certain psychic powers that many consider to be supernormal. They include heightened insight and intuition, and the development of psychic abilities, including clairvoyance.

What blocks the third eye chakra?

Many things block the third eye. The most common are mental health problems, such as stress and anxiety. Fatigue can also cause the third eye to become blocked. The best solution to these problems is to meditate on the Ajna chakra

Does everyone have a third eye?

All human beings and most animals have a third eye. However, in humans, this is not a literal “eye”. Instead, it is a symbolic spiritual element.  There is limited scientific evidence to substantiate the existence of the third eye.

What are the signs that your third eye is open? 

Signs include heightened insight and intuition, along with certain psychic powers and an ability to perceive things beyond the material world.

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