How To Do Huna Meditation Technique [TUTORIAL]


Huna technique was created n Hawaiian in 1936, when Max Freedom Long set down his theory of metaphysics, which he stated was derived from Hawaiian Kuhuna experts. Since them, Huna has grown and is now practiced quite commonly by members of the New Age spiritual movement.

The Origins of Huna, Huna Technique and Huna Prayer

In 1917 Max Freedom Long went to Hawaii, where he began working as an elementary school teacher. It was then that he first became interested in the religious practices of the Kahunas.

At this time, however, none of the Kahuna’s would speak to Long so he was unable to learn about the religion.

It wasn’t until 1934 that Long began to understand the religions. He learnt that the Kahuna religion was encoded in the Hawaiian language. And so he began studying the connection between Hawaiian and the Kahuna religion. He set down his discoveries in his first book, published in 1936. This work formed the foundations of his later book, 1953’s The Secret Science at Work, a Huna textbook, and 1965’s The Huna Codes in Religions, which compares Huna to Buddhism, Christianity and other religions.

You can get both of Max Freedom Long’s books on Amazon: 
The Secret Science at Work: The Huna Method as a Way of Life

The Huna Code in Religions


It would be impossible to cover these works in full. But let’s take a quick look at the Huna beliefs and how they relate to meditation.



 What are the Huna Beliefs?

Huna is about living in harmony with the three levels of consciousness.

Long believed that there were three levels of consciousness, a low, middle and higher level (or “self”). These “selves” he called the unihipili (subconscious), the uhane (rational mind) and the aumakua (super-consciousness, connection to the divine). Huna takes the Hawaiian concept of mana and adapts it to being a central life force, which can be used to heal body, mind and spirit.

People who follow the Huna religion believe that Long uncovered a secret and ancient truth.


In a nutshell, the Huna beliefs are:

  • The following are the key Huna beliefs:
  • IKE: The world is what you think it is
  • KALA:  The world is beyond limits.
  • MAKIA: Where attention goes, energy flows
  • MANAWA: Essentially, present-moment-mindedness.
  • ALOHA: To love is happiness
  • MANA: Power resides within
  • PONO: Effectiveness is the measure of truth.


Huna believe, much as Buddhists and many New Age spiritualists do, that through spiritual practice a person can influence consciousness. Huna’s believe they can affect the consciousness of the world itself and of animals.

  How To Do Huna Technique

The following is a guide for practicing Huna prayer and Huna technique. Read the instructions for the Huna technique  / Huna prayer first before trying.

1)      Decide on what you want the outcome of a prayer to be. For example, health, happiness etc.

2)      Address your prayer to whichever god you believe in ( for example, Christ, Buddha, the Ascended Masters).

3)      Read the prayer out loud once every 28 days

4)      Lovingly ask your consciousness mind to take the prayer to the god or master you are praying to.

5)      Visualise your prayer being sent upwards through your crown chakra towards heaven / the sky.

6)      Be receptive and say “Lord, let the blessed rain fall.”

7)      Listen for a response from your god / deity.


For a much more in-depth guide to this please visit Ancient Huna.

This is the basic Huna technique / Huna prayer. You may wish to meditate before using the Huna technique / Huna prayer, to make your mind focussed and more prepared.



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