How Sense Of Humor Became A Vitally Important Skill

importance of sense of humor and how to develop one

What is the importance of sense of humor? What does a “good sense of humor” mean? And just how do you develop a sense of humor? Let’s take a look at this most important of personality traits.


We love to laugh.

For thousands of years, comedy has been one of the most popular forms of storytelling. Primitive men used to sit around campfires pulling faces to make each other laugh. And no wonder. Because once you understand the important of sense of humor, you realise that it’s about much more than just having a laugh. A sense of humor is very important to your health.

It turns out humour is no laughing matter. Let’s take a look at the importance of a sense of humor and how to develop one.


What is Humour? A Definition. . . 

Humour can be thought of in several ways. It is the ability to see the light side of life, the ability to make others laugh and a composed and cheerful outlook on life. Whilst humour can include the ridicule and humiliation of others, on humour is used to refer only to beneficial humour.


The Importance of a Sense of Humor

The importance of humour is mostly to do with health. There are numerous health benefits to humour which have been researched in various fields of study for hundreds of years. The main points in the importance of humour include:

  • Humour is an aid in fighting illness. Norman Cousin’s Anatomy of an Illness documents his use of laughter in fighting and beating a life threatening disease.
  • Humour is a natural stress reliever and as such helps prevent diseases associated to stress, like heart disease.
  • Humour is greatly beneficial in preventing and fighting depression and anxiety
  • Humour helps strengthen the immune system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system and musculature system.
  • Humour helps beat insomnia (ten minutes of laughter is said to create a pain-free sleep)
  • Humour is immensely important in social relationships. Heck, who doesn’t love the funny guy? 


How to Develop Sense Humor 

So, we now understand the importance of sense of humor. But what are some ways to develop sense of humour? These exercises will not only help you develop sense of humour but are also really good fun.

Exercises to Develop Sense of Humor

Funny faces and Bodily Expressions: Any actor (hi) will know that acting like a child, pulling funny faces or performing silly poses, or heck even doing an impromptu dance will immediately make you feel lighter and improve your sense of humour.

Newspaper Stand-Up: A fun little game this author (and many others) used to do in drama school was to pick a random newspaper article and create an improvised comedy sketch around it. Try to make it funny, but if it ends up terrible just laugh at yourself (either way you’ll be developing your sense of humour).

Act like a Moron: . . . Something else this author knows a lot about is intentionally being a clown. Go somewhere public and intentionally do something stupid (though obviously not dangerous). For instance, walk in a stupid way (see Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks for examples). This will make you realise that you don’t have to act serious, cool or sophisticated all the time!


What do you think about the importance of sense of humor? Do you think sense of humor is important in life? Leave a comment.



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