Why Spiritual People Experience Love Differently

Beautiful spiritual love art

To know whether or not you’re in a spiritual relationship, and to be able to cultivate spirituality into your relationship, you first need to define precisely what a spiritual relationship is.
At its simplest, a spiritual relationship is a relationship which facilitates the spiritual growth of both individuals. Divine love is built on the sacred foundations of honesty, compassion, understanding, and genuine love. A spiritual relationship need not be perfect. No relationship is ever perfect. There are ups and downs on our journey, in love as in life. That is simply the way of things. A spiritual relationship understands and accepts these ups and downs as a sacred step on the journey.

A spiritual relationship continually becomes deeper and deeper as both individuals grow together as one. It is creation. When living  with divine love we are growing as the tree that is nourished with the water of pure love.

Feelings are also essential to a spiritual relationship. The way you feel when in the presence of the other person says a great deal about your connection. There should be joy and happiness, but above all, compassion is the utmost. Because of the deep level of compassion, you may feel that you know what the other person is thinking, and that you feel what they are feeling. This is oneness. It is the coming together of two individuals as one. You may even feel that you are resonating at the same frequency, as though you are harmonised as two voices singing together, their two melodies forming musical unison.

there are many pathways to finding and developing spiritual love. you will find these meditation techniques for couples to be particularly effective. 
This video is sensational and beautiful and speaks of genuine spiritual love, of divine love.


Glen Keane – The Duet


Before I finish this post, let me share one little thing with you. It is the true beauty of life. It is this. What you are living right now is perfect, it is sacred. This moment is divinity. Love this moment. Experience a spiritual relationship with the present moment. Then love will radiate from deep within you.
Thank you for reading. You may like to read my book on the divinity of love: 30 Secrets To Spiritual Love.