Journey To The Buddha Within You: Learn 31 Ways To Meditate In This Book

With THE DAILY MEDITATION’S official ebook you will:

  • Learn to meditate properly.
  • Learn more than 20 traditional meditation techniques
  • Learn to use meditation to improve your health and happiness.
  • Find enlightenment — the solution to all those little problems.



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Full Description

Within you, your personal Buddha is waiting to be unleashed. It is the true you. It is the answer to the question, “Who am I meant to be”.

You were born to be a spiritually awakened human. You were born to take the Journey To The Buddha Within. Will you take it? Or will you ignore the call?


Most people never connect with their personal Buddha. Because most people do not know the path to contacting the deeper part of themselves.

Most people are too busy. Working. Struggling to get by. Dealing with chores. Idly living half-lives.

Most people struggle to find the time for spiritual awakening. And because of this, most people do not know the true joy, happiness, and peace of mind waiting for them.

Are you “most people”? Or are you one of the special ones, one of those who has heard the call?


You’ll know you are one of the special ones because of thoughts you’ve experienced.


Have you ever thought these thoughts:

“I must discover the true me?”

“I’m not the person I was born to be”

“I have a special calling, something I must do”?


Have you ever felt these sensations:

A feeling of reaching, as though you’re trying to reach the deeper part of yourself?

A sense that you’re not quite there yet, not quite complete?

A feeling of wonder, as though you know there’s a deeper part of you that is just waiting to come out?


Deep down, you know you have these thoughts and feelings for a reason

Your thoughts and feelings are trying to communicate with you. They’re trying to say, “Look. There is a deeper side. There is something more here. There’s a purpose to life. There’s a destiny awaiting me”.


But what is your purpose? What is your destiny? What is that part of you that lies within, the part you’ve always been trying to contact?


You will uncover the answers when you discover your personal Buddha, your spiritually awakened self.



What’s in the book?

Easy -To-Follow Guides To All Major Meditation Techniques

We poured love into our guides because we want to show you how to meditate properly. And we want everyone to be able to meditate no matter who they are, where they come from, or what they believe in. Even if you have struggled to meditate before, this book makes it easy.

Easy-To-FollowGuidesTo All Major Meditation Techniques


The Pathway To Enlightenment

The Pathway To Enlightenment is a specially-tailored plan that will lead you from where you are now to where you want to be. Whether you are an experienced meditator or an absolute beginner, The Pathway To Enlightenment will meet you at your current step in the journey, and it will guide you to enlightenment. And when you achieve enlightenment, you will know purity of mind, and complete love and happiness.

Easy-To-FollowGuidesTo All Major Meditation Techniques (1)

Discover Where Your Mind Is At Right Now, And How To Change It:

Our readers particularly love this part of the book. Our questionnaire reveals where your mind is at right now. And using that information, we tailor a special plan unique to you. it is your own personal plan you can use to find enlightenment.

 personal meditation plan

My Personal Story:

I will show you how meditation changed my life, and how it can change yours too. I’ve shared my personal story to illustrate how the wisdom in this book changes lives. It changed mine. I promise it can change yours too.

Author and Meditation Teacher Paul. M. Harrison