How To Do The Karana Mudra Correctly Like Buddha

karana mudra hand gesture

The Karana mudra (otherwise called the “Gesture For Warding Off Evil”) is an easy way to stop anxiety, stress and depression.

In my Ultimate Guide To the Mudras I revealed 60 mudras and how you can use them to improve your health and well-being.

The Karana mudra is one of the Buddhist mudras.

This potent little gem has been proven to boost happiness, inner calm, and relaxation.

So how’s it work?

How Karana Mudra Stops Anxiety And Depression

The Karana Mudra works by removing what Buddhists call “obstacles.”

Obstacles include things like depressive thoughts and feelings of unhappiness or anxiety.

If you are suffering from obstacles like those, you can use these tips to stop negativity. 

But karana mudra is not exclusively for people suffering from depression.

We all suffer from inner conflict, from negative thoughts, from fears and from anxieties, to some degree. None of us can honestly say that we experience no negative feelings. Karana mudra helps us to remove that negativity.

So this is a mudra for everyone. It is a natural, spiritual way of removing the obstacles that get in the way of our inner peace.


The Karana Mudra Quietens The Mind

There are many ways to quieten the mind.

In my experience, the karana mudra is one of the best.

By learning the karana mudra technique you will purify your mind and create lasting happiness.

And the best part is that the karuna mudra is very easy to do.

How To Do Karana Mudra

In order to make the Karana Mudra, simply touch the tip of the third finger to the tip of the thumb, and hold your remaining fingers upwards.

You will notice that this is also the “Peace” gesture, and turned backwards it become the totally kickass “Rock on!” gesture.

 Karana Mudra Meaning

The Karana Mudra is also called the “Gesture Warding Off Evil.”

But this does not refer to “Evil” in the usual sense.

It’s more about removing impurities and negatives from the mind.

When we remove these obstacles, we get one step close to enlightenment.


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