Katy Perry Is Basically Screaming At Her Fans To Meditate

for katy perry meditation has become a must


Katy Perry is just one of the many celebrities who have recently learnt to meditate. For Katy Perry meditation has become an essential part of life. But why?


Katy Perry is just one of the many celebrities who have recently learnt to meditate. Katy Perry learnt Zen meditation while she was with Russell Brand. Today, Katy Perry continues to meditate in order to help her performances and to keep her energy levels high. 

Though you may not think it, meditation is very important to a singer like Katy Perry.

Meditation is important to Katy Perry for many reasons.

Firstly, meditation is known to boost the amount of energy that we have. Obviously, Katy Perry needs a great deal of energy not just while she is performing but to keep her motivated through the celebrity lifestyle of shows, interviews, conferences and all the other things Katy Perry does.

Katy Perry is known to do a simple meditation technique known as mindfulness meditation. This is a meditation technique that helps everyone. In a mindfulness meditation we simply sit with our eyes closed and focus our energy on our breathing. This helps to calm the mind, to beat stress and to boost energy levels.

Katy Perry has stated that she wished all her fans would meditate. She has said that if fans meditated they would improve their health and weelbeing as well as boosting their levels of happiness.

Katy Perry is also known to practice Zen meditation.

If you would like to learn to meditate like Katy Perry, we suggest reading a copy of the excellent Mindfulness and Meditation Technique for Beginners

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