Speak These Kundalini Yoga Mantras To Change, Prosper And Grow

kundalini mantra for change

Kundalini yoga is one of the most spiritual types of yoga (Read:  The different types of yoga)

Unlike many other forms of yoga, Kundalini makes use of mantras.

Mantras are spoken words or phrases that have health benefits for the mind or body.

In my Ultimate Guide To Mantras I introduced mantras from all different spiritual systems and world cultures.

Kundalini mantras are similar to Hindu and Buddhist mantras, but with a slightly different feel. They are usually very musical and in my experience they are more joyful than the mantras in other belief systems.

There are Kundalini mantras for all sorts of purposes, including mantras for health, spiritual development, and happiness.

The following are some of the most powerful Kundalini mantras.


1. Kundalini Yoga Mantras for Change | Sa Ta Na Ma

Sa Ta Na Ma is the most important kundalini yoga mantra for change.

Sa Ta Na Ma translates to “Existence, Life, Dead, Rebirth”.  

The Sa Ta Na Ma mantra for change grants certain benefits:

  • increases intuitive abilities
  • removes negative thoughts and emotions
  • promotes positive emotions
  • builds focus
  • grants peace

How to use the Sa Ta Na Ma mantra for change

The Sa Ta Na Ma mantra for change is to be used alongside specific mudras (hand positions) as well as sounds and specific mind focus.

Give it a try:

  1. Sit with your legs crossed (or, if you’re not able to do so, just sit comfortably with good posture)
  2. Make sure you spine is straight and hold your wrists on your knees with your palms upwards
  3. Close your eyes but turn them upwards so you’re looking at your forehead (but with your eyes closed). Release your eyes whenever they feel uncomfortable
  4. Now, you’re going to chant “Sa Ta Na Ma” but with specific hand positions as follows.
  5. On “Sa” put your index finger and thumb togethre
  6. On “Ta” your third finger + thumb
  7. “Na” = 4th finger + thumb
  8. “Ma” =littler finger + thumb
  9. While doing this, imagine the sounds of S T N and M entering your forehead (crown chakra) while the “A” part of the chant has the energy leaving the forehead. Keep this going while chanting.
  10. Continue for five minutes.

This mantra will bring change to your life.

This is also one of the mantras to use for sleep.


2. Kundalni Yoga Mantra For Protection

It is said that this Kundalini Yoga mantra will create protective light around the magnetic field, thus protection the practitioner.

The mantra for protection is: AAD GURAY NAMEH

Repeat the mantra three times for yourself, then three times for your kids, house and pets. This will protect each of these things.

Watch the video below for the protection mantra.


Mantra of Protection | Aad Guray Nameh



Kundalini Yoga Mantra For Creativity

Using this mantra for creativity you will open your mind to the state of flow which is most conducive to creativity.

Yoga is a powerful way of boosting your creativity (here’s a guide to Yoga For Creativity)

Yoga gets you in flow mode.

You most likely have experience this state of flow before. You felt it when you were completely free and liberated.

Flow feels like your spirit is soaring on the wind like an eagle.

When we are in this state we are infinitely creative.

But often, there’s a block.

You most likely have experienced times of block, when you felt unable to create, unable to let go, to open up and to flow.

One way to get from blocked to flowing is by using these meditations for creativity.

And mantras can help too.

The Kundalini Yoga mantra for creativity, which I’ve shared below, will remove blockages so you can enjoy sheer flow, the state in which you will find infinite creativity.

 The mantra is:”Har Haray Hari Wahe Guru”

How To Use This Mantra 

  1. Sit somewhere peaceful and quiet
  2. Let go and unwind
  3. Take 50 deep breaths to relax
  4. Begin to chant “Har Haray Hari Wahe Guru” (see the video below for the musical intonations)
  5. Recite the mantra 108 times
  6. Express gratitude for the mantra.


What the mantra means:

  • “Har” is the root potential of creativity
  • ” Haray” is flow
  • “Hari” is creative force
  • “Waheguru” is joy.

All in all this mantra means that we recognise the base energy of creativity, this turns to the state of creative flow, with this state we create, and the creativity makes us joyful.

Here is a beautiful musical version of the Har Haray Hari Wahe Garu mantra.

Mantra for Creativity ~ Har Haray Hari Waheguru

Listen to this for ten minutes and it will both relax you and heighten your levels of creativity.

Plus, it sounds fantastic.


4. Ra Ma Sa Da Mantra For Healing

The Ra Ma Sa Da mantra for healing is said to help with overcoming illness, pain and suffering.

Illness can cause significant problems not just for your health but for other areas of life too, for relationships, work and overall happiness. What we need, then, is not some simple cure to remove our condition, but a lasting sense of healing that repairs us physically and mentally.

Thankfully, Kundalini Yoga offers us a powerful means of repairing ourselves. It is the Ra Ma Da Sa mantra for healing.

The Ra Ma Da Sa mantra puts us in tune with the healing vibrations of the universe. It brings us back into balance and into flow, promoting new energy while removing negative energy.


Ra Ma Sa Da Mantra English Translation

The words of the mantra are Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung.

  • Ra: Sun and energy
  • Ma: Moon and receptivity
  •  Da: Earth and grounding
  • Sa: Infinity, rising energy
  • Sa: Receiving energy
  •  Say: Personal name for God
  • So: The merging of vibration
  •  hung: The infinite essence of creation

Ra Ma Da Sa Healing Mantra Video

Kundalini Yoga. Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung



Read our guide to Healing Mantras 




There are many powerful Kundalini yoga mantras that can be used for all areas of life.

The 4 mantras we’ve looked at are some of the most powerful and most important.

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