Learn How to Tell Your Fortune with Playing Cards: Rana George’s The Essential Lenormand

how to tell your fortune

So you want to learn how to tell your fortune with playing cards. We’ve found the perfect guide for you. Learn to tell your fortune today.


In her new book, Rana George promises to teach you how to tell your fortune with playing cards using Lenormand, a 36 card deck with illustrations that answer the reader’s questions.

The Lenormand is a popular divination tool that has been in use for 150 years all around the world. Rana George promise to teach you how to use the Lenormand to tell your fortune in The Essential Lenormand; but does she succeed?

The Essential Lenormand teaches readers how to tell their fortune.

 Residing from The Woodlands, Texas, Rana George comes from a long line of mystics and psychics. She has been using her skills to study Lenormand for over thirty years (which is an exceptional achievement given the fact that she looks about 18). She runs study groups and workshops and presented at TaroCon 2012.

In The Essential Lenormand, Rana writes from both a personal and professional perspective; providing an insightful and informative read that will teach you how to tell your fortune in no time in simple to follow steps.

I must also comment on the cover of the book. I’m not sure whether Rana made it herself or whether it was professionally done, but it looks truly beautiful. Even people who are not into fortune telling will likely be intrigued just because of the wonderful presentation of The Essential Lenormand.

This is an authoritative book on the Lenormand and an essential read for anyone wanting to learn how to tell their fortune. Head over to the book’s Amazon page and pick up a copy today. Here’s the link:

The Essential Lenormand: Your Guide to Precise & Practical Fortunetelling

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