How To Actually Do Jedi Meditations To Feel The Force [TUTORIAL]

Yoda quote, My ally is the force

Did you know that you can actually use Yoda’s meditations from Star Ways?

Ever since Jedi became an official recognised religion, people have been trying techniques from Star Wars, including meditation.   

There are tons of life lessons from Star Wars.

The best of those lessons are spiritual.

And for my Galactic Credits, the absolute best lessons from Star Wars are about meditation.

Meditation is very important to Jedi.

As a meditation teacher I have actually taught Yoda’s meditation techniques to many people. (Which is quite easy because most of the philosophy in Star Wars is based on Zen).

Yoda is one of our picks of the best spiritual movie characters ever.

And it is definitely worth actually learning Yoda’s technique in real life.

So let’s do it.

  Here are 3 ways to learn Yoda’s meditations and start to be a Jedi

To truly learn meditation, read my Ultimate Guide To Meditations (and you’ll see how Star Wars related to traditional meditation).

1. Reach out and touch the force

As Yoda says, “My ally is the force. . .”

But what is the force?

The “Universal Life Force” is also called “Qi”.

Qi is important to a lot of different spiirtualities and religions, and it is used in alternative medicine.

The life force is the primordial energy of life.

Energy creates life, makes things grow. Without energy there is nothing.

Yoda teaches Luke to feel the force. And all aspiring Jedi must do the same thing.

So if you want to be a Jedi, you need to feel the force.


Take 5 minutes to try this Qi meditation technique. It will make you feel the force.


2. Unlearn what you have learned

“You must unlearn what you have learned.”

This quote is one of the most important parts of Yoda’s meditation techniques.

But why would you want to unlearn what you have learned?

Because knowledge is a paradox.

Human being are often limited by the things they think they know.

When Like visit Yoga on Degobah, Luke tells him that he cannot lift the X-Wing out of the swamp. It is “impossible”. But Yoda (and you and I) knows that Luke could potentially lift the X-Wing out of the swamp. So why doesn’t he?

The answer is this: In Luke’s mind he is living in a world where it is simply impossible to lift huge objects using the mind. So Luke determines that he cannot do it. And it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Yoda then lifts the X-Wing out himself in order to prove to Luke that such things are possible. But even when he sees this miracle he cannot believe it. “That is why you fail,” says Yoda.

Luke fails because he knows that it is impossible to  lift a huge ship out of a swamp using your mind (the force). And because he “knows” it is impossible, it is impossible.

To “know” is to limit the possibilities of your world. Stop knowing. Unlearn what you have learned.

Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back – "For my ally is the Force " (Force Theme, Yoda's Theme)

When we learn to meditate, we realise that the things we have “learned” are just thoughts in our head. Learn that “Luminous being are we”


3. Connect with your Luminous Being

Yoda explains to Luke that we are not this “crude measure” but that we are “luminous beings.”

What is a “luminous being”?

Luminous means “lit-up”. So naturally, Yoda is saying we are made of light.

We are not physical entities. We are pure energy.

Mind opener:

Your light is your consciousness.

Yoda is telling Luke that we are not confined by our physical form but that we are an infinity of energy channeled through the miracle of consciousness.

But how do you become that energy.

Or rather, how do you realise that you already are that energy?



Learn Meditation From Darth Vader And Anakin Skywalker

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