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Are you a professional seeking to use meditation to enhance the well-being of your clients or employees? Then you’ve come to the right place. We here at THE DAILY MEDITATION have spent more than ten years crafting the absolute perfect guided meditations for professional environments. See our catalog below and subscribe to our business membership. Business memberships grant you the right to use our guided meditations in professional settings with no limit on the number of usages and no limit on audience size.

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Our one-month business subscription grants you the right to use our guided meditations on a monthly basis, with recurring payments. 

Price: $150 / Month Recurring

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 Why Choose Our Guided Meditations?

1. **Proven Effectiveness:** All of our meditations are backed by research and proven through professional use. They are the very same forms of meditation that our founder, Paul Harrison, uses in his own private and corporate meditation coaching.

2: **Meditations That Resonate** We have seen time and again how our meditations and recordings resonate with our audience. After all, these are the very meditations you’ve seen and loved on our site and around the internet.

3: **Tailored for Professionals** Our recordings are created by a professional meditation teacher, for professionals. They use language that is ideal for the workplace and the medical field.

4: **Future Proof** When you business membership, you get to use not just the recordings that we currently have, but also our future recordings. We create new meditations on average twice a week. That means you’ll have an ever-expanded resource of meditations you can dip into at any time!

5**Our Content Is Yours!** Your license is not limited to our guided meditation audios. With a membership, you can choose to share our podcasts, our YouTube videos, our articles… anything you like, with your clients. After all, why stop at just audio files when we offer you so much more?!

**Unlock the Benefits Today:**

Invest in the well-being and productivity of your clients or employees with our premium guided meditations.

Our Guided Meditation Catalog

**With your license you may play any of our guided meditations directly from this page, or download any/all as you need them. To download, simply Right Click > Save Link As…**