Linga Mudra Tutorial: How To Do, Benefits And Warnings

Linga is Sanskrit for Phallus. Linga Mudra means “Phallus Gesture.” This is a great gesture for increasing body temperature. It is associated with the element of fire.

The Linga Mudra is a popular mudra on yoga courses and has been used in many weight loss programs.

Linga Mudra Technique Steps

  1. You may use the Linga Mudra while sitting or standing
  2. Intertwine the fingers of your hands and hold the hands in front of the body
  3. Point your left thumb upwards and wrap the index finger and thumb of your right hand around it.
  4. Hold for 10 minutes. Try it now.


Linga Mudra Benefits

The Linga Mudra benefits practitioners by:

  • Increasing body temperature
  • Improving the immune system and making us less susceptible to infection
  • Improves respiratory system
  •   Aids weight loss


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