Getting Lean With Friends At A Weight Loss Support Group [TUTORIAL]

depression support group

One of the best ways how to lose weight and how to overcome depression is to find a good support group. There are many excellent weight loss support groups and depression support group that can make the world of difference in your effort to lose weight or overcome depression. 

 Let’s face it, both weight loss and depression are challenges that can make you feel very lonely. The sense that you’re alone in facing these challenges only makes things worse.

When you make friends who are overcoming the same challenges as you find encouragement, motivation and inspiration. A friend can give you everything you need in order to succeed in both losing weight and overcoming depression. But how do you find the right friends?


How To Find A Weight Loss support Group or Depression Support Group

Step 1: Go Online

One of the best places to find weight loss and depression buddies is online. There are a great many forums for weight loss and depression, not to mention Faceboook and Twitter. Using these resources you can discuss weight loss and depression with people who are facing the same challenges. Most of these resources are free, so there really is no reason not to make use of them.

Step 2: Go to classes and groups

Most cities have both weight loss groups and depression groups. When you attend a group you will find people who are taking positive steps to overcome the challenges in their lives. These are the best people to get to know. When you meet people who are actively trying to overcome depression and to lose weight you form a strong group. Together you can find new ideas on how to lose weight and how to beat depression, you can do activities and exercises together and you can motivate each other to keep going.

How To Make the Most of a Weight Loss support Group or Depression Support Group


Step 3: Make friends with them

Most people don’t like talking about weight loss and depression. These are sensitive subjects that we only feel comfortable talking about with close friends. That’s why it’s important to make friends with these people. Talk to them openly, offer support, exchange email and phone numbers and suggest some times to meet up.

Step 4: Schedule

It’s important to make time to meet with your new friends so that you can schedule a time to discuss any challenges you are facing, to offer each other support and to just chat. Make room for one meeting each week.

Step 5: Make Use of the Time

Make sure that you make the most of all the time that you are with your weight loss and depression friends. Come prepared to meetings. Be ready to discuss any challenges you have faced in the week. Discuss openly and remember to always offer support.

Step 6: Be Responsible for each other

If you’re going to make the most of your new friends then you need to be responsible for each other. You need to be there when your friends need help and you need to let them know that you are always happy to discuss problems and challenges with one another. Remember, when you are there for your friends they are there for you to. Always support one another.

Step 7: Encourage

Encouragement is the most important thing in both weight loss and in overcoming depression. Just a few kind words here and there can make a big difference. We all know what it is like to feel demotivated and to feel as though we cannot achieve what we need to achieve. At these times a few words of encouragement can make all the difference.


With these steps you can easily find friends who are actively trying to lose weight and to overcome depression. You can also make sure that you make the most of your time when with your support group and to be a positive influence for others.

A good depression support group will make all the difference in the world.



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