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As a meditation teacher, many people ask me for a Love Meditation to attract love. 

The good news is that you definitely can manifest love through meditation. And I have seen this work for many of my students.

You might wonder just how exactly meditation can help you find love. Well, for starters, meditation actually makes us more attractive. Plus, it helps us develop the mindset of Loving Kindness. Finally, it boosts compassion and self-esteem. And all of this helps with attracting love as well as overcoming a breakup.

Furthermore, research from Yale University shows that mindfulness creates a deeper form of selfless-love. In other words, it makes you a better lover.

 Let me show you how to use meditation for love. And for best results, book an online meditation lesson with me today.

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8 Types of Love Meditation to Attract Your Soulmate

Use these love meditations to attract the perfect relationship. 

1: Meditation For Love [Script]

  1. Start by sitting in a comfortable position. Place your feet at shoulder-width apart. This will help you to feel grounded, which is important when using meditation for love. Now make sure your butt is comfortable. Let your spine be elongated just a little. Tuck your chin down a little towards your chest to gently lengthen your neck. Roll your shoulders back. Gently sway your head from side to side to relax your neck. Now sit with good posture.
  2. For this meditation, we want to use a mudra for love. Mudras are hand gestures used in Buddhism, Hinduism, and yoga. They activate acupressure points to stimulate certain qualities of mind. Yogapedia states that the best mudra for love is the Lotus Mudra, which is used to open the Heart Chakra. To do this, hold your hands together in prayer position. Now curl both hands outwards, while holding the thumbs and little fingers together. Your hands will look like a flower opening. You can see a picture of the Lotus mudra in #7, below. 
  3. Breathe in through your nose and observe your breath moving through your body down into your diaphragm. Watch your breath for a minimum of twenty breaths. This will stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system to help you relax, while also strengthening the limbic system, which is vital for emotional regulation. 
  4. Now I want you to begin to recite the mantra for love. The mantra is, “I welcome love into my life”. Recite this mantra slowly, repeatedly, while continuing to focus on your breathing. 
  5. Inevitably, while doing this meditation for love, you will experience some negative thoughts and feelings, and perhaps memories associated with past relationships. Some of them might be painful, like a thought of breaking up with someone. When you observe a thought or feeling, imagine taking a step back from it. Now calmly observe the thought or feeling. Tell yourself, “This is just a thought or feeling. It is not real. I am here now. And I am welcoming love into my life.” 
  6. Continue to meditate in this fashion for a minimum of twenty minutes. It is quite normal to experience emotions during this meditation. Love is a double-edged sword that is as beautiful as it is painful. Like me, you’ve probably been burned, and you might think of memories of broken relationships. That’s natural. Simply observe the memories, let them pass, and continue to meditate. 
  7. At the end of your meditation session, say to yourself, “I am ready to receive love from the universe.” 

This is my favourite meditation for love. However, there are other methods too so let’s look at those. 

2: Kundalini Yoga Meditation To Attract Love  

Kundalini yoga is a 400-year-old spiritual system that liberates the mind and spirit. It opens the heart and soul, so you are ready to receive affection and desire from other people.

This receiving is everything because there is always warmth and affection available to us. What we really need to do is not so much manifest affection but welcome the loving energy that is already there, but which we have been blind to. 

When you open your heart and mind, you will find the affection and tenderness you are seeking.

To open the heart and mind, use the ancient breathing technique called Breath of Fire, which is an excellent meditation for attracting love.

Here’s how:

  1. Sit with a straight spine and good posture.
  2. Start pumping your abdomen in and out while breathing out of your nose.
  3. Your breath will be panting, like a fluffy little puppy on a hot and humid day.
  4. You should be breathing at around two breaths per second.
  5. Lift your arms above your head and hold them apart at a 60-degree angle.
  6. Curl your fingers, so the fingertips touch the base of your fingers. The thumbs should be pointing straight upwards.
  7. You will feel the sensation of a bolt of electricity pulsing between the tips of your thumbs and igniting your aura.
  8. Allow yourself to experience this pleasant sensation for two minutes.
  9. When you finish, lift your arms above your head, touch your thumbs together, hold your breath, and stay in that position for a few moments before gradually returning to a relaxed sitting position.
  10. Spread your fingers wide and gradually breathe out.
  11. Repeat

This is a powerful meditation for love and attraction. It will produce internal changes in your mind and spirit.

Through this practice, stress will evaporate to nothingness and the mind and soul will be lifted above the waves. You will achieve a heightened state of consciousness. You may experience strong emotions as subconscious blockages are eradicated. This is normal.

3: Loving-Kindness Meditation

Another great meditation for attracting love is Loving Kindness Meditation.

You might have heard about this technique from famous meditation teachers like Pema Chodron and Sharon Salzberg.

Psychological studies show that we must have self-love if we want to enjoy strong relationships [1].

When we do not have affection for ourselves, the mind refuses to acknowledge the affection of others. In fact, people who have self-hatred seek out negative relationships that validate the way they feel about themselves. The mind always seeks to prove its own beliefs, even if those beliefs are negative.

If you believe you do not deserve tenderness and affection, you will never receive it. That’s the bad news. Let’s spin it like we’re playing Spin The Bottle. Love yourself, and you will receive love. Period.

To create self-love, use Metta (Loving Kindness).

Loving Kindness is one of the most beautiful and most important of all Buddhist meditations. This powerful technique cultivates feelings of kindness and affection that radiate from your spirit and extend all around you.

When you practice this exercise, you conquer any negative feelings in yourself, and you open your mind and heart to the experience of pure love.

In the article “The effect of loving-kindness meditation on positive emotions: a meta-analytic review”, researchers from the Department of Psychology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong revealed that Metta is excellent for producing positive emotions in general, so not only will it help you find love, but it will also make you much happier. 

Plus, it helps after a breakup when you might stop being receptive to love. 

There are many reasons why we stop being receptive to love. Past breakups, anger, resentment, learned negative attitudes about relationships, these can all prevent us from receiving love in the moment. Loving Kindness will help you to move forward with an open heart and mind. See our main menu for a guide to this technique.

4: Bhakti meditation for devotion

When we do Bhakti technique we open our hearts to the love of a deity. 

If you visit a Buddhist temple in Tibet, you will find monks seated in Lotus position offering devotion to Buddha through this sacred technique.

The scriptures state that Bhakti meditation has a spirit-transforming power and that by practising this technique you will absorb certain traits and mentalities of the object being worshipped.

Bhakti is a technique used for devotion. It is the expression of devotion to a god, to nature, or to anything that is deeply and truly treasured. To do it, we meditate on the object we love and aim to become one with it. 

5: Kleem Mantra for attraction

The Kleem mantra for attraction is an ancient mantra from Hinduism with which we can attract people into our lives.

According to scriptures, recitation of this powerful mantra will create a magnetic attraction that will quickly manifest love.

This powerful mantra is traditionally used by single males who wish to attract a female. The mantra is simply “Kleem”.

6: Meditative Love-Making

There are many spiritual techniques for intimacy that can enhance the love in a relationship.  

These meditations involve meditating while actually making love or while sitting naked with your partner. This heightens intimacy in the relationship. Personally, I find these meditations divine.

If you’re interested in finding out more, be sure to read my guide to Intimate Meditation for couples.

7: The Lotus Mudra for love and attraction

lotus mudra

Mudras are hand gestures that are used in Indian spiritualities to bestow certain benefits on the practitioner. They work by using acupressure points in the hands to stimulate regions of the brain.  

One example of a mudra is the Lotus mudra, used for love. 

You can use the lotus mudra to attract your soulmate. It is said to improve your understanding of other people and help you to have positive relationships. Plus, it increases self-love. Remember, we need to cultivate self-love before we can receive love from others. 

  1. To perform the lotus mudra, bring the palms of your hands together and open them like a flower.
  2. Now, join the thumbs and little fingers together side by side.
  3. Finally, place your hands in front of your chest and hold them for 108 breaths.  This will encourage positive relationships.

You can make this more effective by using romantic music and candles. Create a romantic space and meditate while holding your hands in the position described above.  This will activate the regions of your brain associated with compassion. 

You can also do this with your lover. Doing so will help the two of you to develop a better understanding and compassion for one another, which will strengthen the relationship.  

8:  Guided Meditation for Love 

Of course, there are very many guided meditations for love. You can find them all over Youtube, Headspace, Calm, Buddhify, Insight Timer and others. The one I have shared above is my favourite meditation to attract love.

So now we have looked at using meditation for love. The methods we have covered in this guide will help you to cultivate the ideal mindset for welcoming a positive relationship into your life.   

To go further and start cultivating love, book an online meditation lesson with me today.

By Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a passionate meditation teacher who believes in genuine, authentic meditation. He has more than 15 years experience in meditation and mindfulness. He studied meditation in beautiful Oxford, UK, and Hamilton Ontario Canada, and earned his degree at Staffordshire University. "My goal is to provide the most authentic meditation sessions so you can harness the power of your own mind for personal transformation" - Paul Harrison

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