6 Best Meditations For Love To Attract Your Special Someone
6 Best Meditations For Love To Attract Your Special Someone

As a meditation teacher many people ask me what the best meditations for love are.

Good news: There are some excellent meditations for attracting love into your life.

All meditations make us sexier. The science proves that much.

Between making us look younger and making us sexually confident, meditation is huge for dating. And there are mudras for love and mantras for love too (which I’ll explain in just a sec).

Now the juicy-bit:

There are specific meditation technique for love manifesting. You can use these techniques to attract someone.  These are sacred techniques, all of which I shared in my book 30 Secrets To Spiritual Love [AMAZON].

Not only this, but you can use meditation to improve your relationships.v

Here’s how you do it.

6 Meditations For Attracting Love

These meditations do everything from manifesting love to creating sexual confidence [READ: Meditations For Intimacy].

1. Kundalini Fire Breathing Meditation For Attracting Love

This is a yoga meditation for love. And it also has many other benefits too. It’s one of the best yogic meditations [READ: Best Meditations From Yoga]

Kundalini yoga is a 400 year old spiritual system that liberates the mind and spirit.

Kundalini Yoga opens the heart and soul to the reception of love and joy. This receiving is everything. Because there is always love available to us. what we really need to do is not so much manifest love in our life but welcome the love that is already there.

When you open your heart and mind, love will come.

To open the heart and mind we use the ancient breathing technique called Breath of Fire.

Here’s how: [you will probably want to read my guide to proper yoga breathing techniques first]

  1. Sit with a straight spine and good posture
  2. Start pumping your abdomen in and out while breathing out of your nose.
  3. Your breath will be panting, like a fluffy little puppy on a hot and humid day
  4. You should be breathing at around  two breaths per second.
  5. Lift your arms above your head and hold apart at a 60 degree angle.
  6. Curl your fingers so the fingertips touch the base of your fingers. The thumbs should be pointing straight upwards.
  7. You will feel the sensation of a bolt of electricity pulsing between the tips of your thumbs and igniting your aura.
  8. Allow yourself to experiencing this wonderful sensation for two minutes
  9. When you finish, life your arms above your head, touch your thumbs together, hold your breath, and stay in that position for a few moments before gradually returning to a relaxed sitting position. Then spread your fingers wide and gradually breathe out.

This is a powerful meditation for love – attraction. It will produce internal changes in your mind and spirit.

Through this practice stress will evaporate to nothingness and the mind and spirit will be lifted above the waves. You will achieve a heightened state of consciousness, a state of love and joy.

You may experience strong emotions as subconscious blockages are eradicated.  This is normal. It’s also why you should probably train your subconscious mind.

The Fire Breathing method releases those subconscious blocks to restore flow, love, and joy.

This is one of the most powerful meditations for love that exists. It is a timeless practice that will lift your spirit to a higher plane.

2. Loving Kindness Meditation For Attracting Love

Another great meditation for attracting love is Loving Kindness Meditation.

Psychological studies show that we must have self love before we find true love.

When we do not love ourselves the mind refuses to acknowledge the love of others. In fact, people who have self hatred seek out negative relationships that validate the way they feel about themselves. The mind always seeks to prove our beliefs, even if our beliefs are negative.

If you believe you do not deserve love you will not receive love.

That’s the bad news.

Let’s spin it like we’re playing Spin The Bottle. 

Love yourself and you will receive love. Period.

To create self love, use metta meditation (Loving Kindness). 

Loving Kindness is one of the most beautiful and most important of all Buddhist meditations This powerful technique is used to cultivate feelings of kindness and love that radiate from your spirit and extend all around you.

When you practice loving kindness meditation you conquer any negative feelings in yourself, and you open your mind and heart to the experience of pure love.

Do metta. Create self love. Then the universe will send true love your way.

3. Bhakti Meditation for attracting love and devotion

Bhakti meditation is a means of opening the heart to the love of a deity. [READ: How To Practice Bhakti Yoga]

If you visit a Buddhist temple in Tibet you will find monks seated in Lotus position offering love to Buddha through this sacred technique.

The scriptures state that Bhakti meditation has a spirit-transforming power, and that by practicing this technique you will absorb certain traits and mentalities of the object being worshipped.

Bhakti meditation is a meditation used only for the highest of loves. It is the expression of devotion to a god, to nature, or to anything that it deeply and truly loved.

4. Kleem Mantra for attracting love of a woman (for men)

The Kleem mantra for attraction is an ancient mantra from Hinduism that is a powerful way to attract love into your life.

According to scriptures, recitation of this powerful mantra will create a magnetic attraction that will quickly manifest love.

This powerful mantra is traditionally used by single male Hindus who wish to attract a lover.

5. Meditating While Making Love

There are many spiritual techniques that are used when making love.

These techniques are ways to enhance the love in your life and to turn current relationships into deeper, more spiritual, loving relationships.

These meditations involve meditating while actually making love or while sitting naked with your partner. These heighten the intimacy in the relationship. Personally, I find these meditations simply divine.

If you’re interested in find out more, be sure to read my guide to Intimate Meditation.

6. The Lotus Mudra for love


Mudras are hand gestures that are used in Indian spiritualities to bestow certain benefits on the practitioner. You can read all about these in my guide to 60 mudras.

Regions and points of the hands are associated with regions of the brain. By holding your hands in certain positions, we activate the associate regions of the brain.

One example of a mudra is the Lotus mudra, the mudra of love. 

The lotus mudra is said to manifest love, understanding and positive relationships. This mudra also increases self love, which we need to establish before we receive love from others.

Here’s how:

  1. To perform the lotus mudra, bring the palms of your hands together and open them like a flower.
  2. Now, join the thumbs and little fingers together side by side.
  3. Finally, place your hands in front of your chest and hold them for 108 breaths.  This will encourage love and positive relationships.

The lotus mudra is more effective when used with beautiful and romantic music and candles.

Create a romantic space and meditate while holding your hands in the lotus mudra. This will activate the regions of your brain associated with love and compassion and will attract love from the universe [READ: Compassion Meditation Technique].

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And That Is How To Use Meditation For Love

You may also wish to practice this meditation and mudra with your romantic partner. Doing so will help the two of you to develop better understanding and compassion for one another, strengthening the relationship. This is also useful at problematic times in the relationship.

These beautiful and powerful meditations bring love into your life.

And don’t forget, once you have a loving relationship you can also use meditation to have a baby.

Thanks for reading.

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