Lululemon’s New Meditation Space: Why You Need To Be There

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Lululemon opens new meditation space. It’s the perfect excuse to take a wellness break and travel to New York City. We investigate.

The wellness industry is literally bursting at the seams right now. We’re witnessing the dawning of a new era in the natural health sector.

Wellness ads are all over the TV and internet. New magazines are starting every month. And the old favorites like Yoga Journal and Mindful are peaking in readership.

We’re excited by this. Because natural health is becoming more popular than pill popping, and it’s becoming viable for us all to invest in wellness (read our guide to Ethical Investing to hear about why that matters so much).

Simply put, wellness is huge. And Lululemon is a big part of it

There was once a time when Lululemon was just about state-of-the-art sports clothing.  When they were associated only with activewear. Not anymore. Now the global giant is taking steps into new pastures.

Lululemon has opened its first meditation space (which they’re calling a “mindfulosophy space”).

The mindfulosophy space is situated inside a new 8,000-square-foot Lululemon on Fifth Avenue, New York City.

This sounds like the perfect time for meditators and yogis to travel to New York. What will you see if you do?

Mindfulosophy is a modern, urbanised meditation space.

The interior design of Lululemon’s mindfulosophy feels like a modern, urbanised meditation retreat full of Zen pods (not dissimilar to meditation pods).  Sit yourself down in one of these super comfortable cushions and put on some earphones. The voices of Danielle Nagel [director or mindfulness performance, Lululemon] and Tom Waller [head of Whitespace Innovation Lab] will lead you through a series of guided meditations perfect for relaxation.

Celeste Burgoyne [executive vice president, Lululemon] is calling this the next big thing in the fushion-retail space. The idea is to let visitors experience yoga off the mat in meditation.

Technically speaking, the vast majority of meditations and practices at the mindfulosophy space are pure meditation and mindfulness. Lululemon is just calling it “yoga off the mat” because they don’t want to muddy their brand,  which has performed exceptionally well in the yoga space.

I digress. Perhaps because I need to meditate.

The mindfulness industry has burgeoned over recent years and is now a highly lucrative market. Lululemon’s mindfulosophy space is testing the waters of the mindfulness industry. This will likely lead to the company releasing all manner of mindfulness / meditation products. We’re intrigued to see what they come up with.

Come on, come through New York, New York.




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