Bite-Size Guide To Maha Mudra (The Gesture Used For Energy)


The Maha Mudra is used in Staff pose (Dandasana). Both hands are place flat on the mat next to the buttocks.

Bring the shoulders back, thus opening the chest. At the same time, reach the crown of the head up and press the hands down.

Breathe in deeply. Move the right foot up so that it comes inside the left thigh. Move the knee down as you exhale.

Take another breath in and raise your arms over your head while gazing at your fingers. At the same time engage the Mula Bandha.

Exhale. Gently roll forward with a straight back and move your arms downwards so you can hold your feet.

Breathe in again, let go of Bandhas, release your feet, raise your arms upwards as you inhale and bring them to your side.


Maha Mudra Benefits

  1. The Maha Mudra strengthens and lengthens the spine  and tones the legs, thighs and buttocks.
  2. Helps digestion.
  3. Builds confidence
  4. Tones uterus and ovaries
  5.  Improve the immune system
  6. Creates energy


If you would like to take the Maha mudra further, take a look at my guide to everything you need to know about mudra practice.

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