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Thank you for your interest in my new ebook Manifest True Love

In this ebook I reveal how you can manifest true love today.

The modern world has forgotten what true love is. Half the population is single, representing a record high, and half of all marriages end in divorce. Every day millions of people ask themselves “Why can’t I attract anyone?” “Will I always be alone?” “How can I ever be happy without love?”

The world has forgotten how to love.


Because we’ve been looking at love backwards.

Love does not begin with someone else.

Love begins within you.

Loving relationships are the external manifestation of the energy of love within your own spirit. If you wish to find true love, you must start with yourself.



In Manifest True Love, renowned spiritual author Paul Martin Harrison provides an easy-to-follow blueprint to creating love in your life.

It starts with you. You will discover how to tap into your natural capacity to attract love.

Having tapped into your own potential for love, you will then discover powerful ways to attract love into your life.

Having attrated love into your life you will learn to make your relationship spiritual, creating lasting love with the person you were always meant to be with.



When you read Manifest True Love today, you will discover how to:

Create attraction and bring your love to you. Just imagine the feeling when you see that perfect person.

Connect on the deepest level. You’ll enjoy the feeling of being loved every day.

Create genuine intimacy. Imagine the feeling of being one with the perfect person.

Make your relationship stand the test of time.

2500 years of spiritual wisdom. One easy-to-follow guide. Don’t wait.  Discover spiritual love today.


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Author Paul Martin Harrison

 Paul Martin Harrison is Editor in Chief of An authority on spirituality and on spiritual love, Paul Martin Harrison works as an author and spiritual teacher, currently residing in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada.

Paul M Harrison can be reached at:  “PaulH [AT] TheDailyMeditation [DOT] COM”

or via snail mail to: 223 Garside AVE.S Hamilton, ON. Canada. L8K 2W6

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