Manifest Tons Of Money With This Technique

This is the number one way to manifest tons of money right now. Use your subconscious to manifest money into your bank account.


How To Be More Confident In Yourself

Step 1

Close Your Eyes and lie or sit somewhere comfortable

Step 2

Allow yourself to focus on your breath for at least a few minutes and try to silence any thoughts in your mind.  DO NOT CONTINNUE UNTIL YOU ARE TOTALLY RELAXED!

Step 3

Imagine that just in front of you is all the money you ever wanted. It is yours. You earned it or acquired it fairly in a way you are pleased with.

Step 4

Allow yourself to get used to the idea of that money being there.

Step 5

Reach out and try to take the money.

If you see / feel a conflict, go to step 7. If not, proceed to step 6 .

Step 6

Take your time to imagine yourself, with your new wealth, in a variety of situations that are emotionally important to you (for instance, imagine you are with family, friends, etc.) Continue doing this until you see / feel an internal conflict.

Step 7

Allow yourself to focus on the conflict in whatever form it might come. For instance, if your conflict comes to mind as a picture, focus on the picture, if it is a sound or a voice, focus on that etc.

Step 8

Once you are able to see the conflict, imagine mentally pushing it away. Just push it off into the distance until you can no longer see it.

Step 9

Return to thinking about the money. The conflict will come back. It might be the same conflict or might be a new one. Either way, continue to push it into the distance until it vanishes.

Step 10

Continue to push away all the conflicts until you are able to imagine yourself holding the money with 100% focus

Getting rid of all your conflict could potentially take a long time, depending on the level of emotions involved, but keep going until you can hold that money with 100% focus and no conflict. Once there, routinely bring the money to mind and imagine it being in your hand. You now know how to be more confident in yourself. With the new, focussed, confident and determined you, it soon will be!


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