A Sadhana Mantra For Beauty. Use Daily For Best Results

mantra for beauty to moon god lord chandra

Discover the Sadhana mantra for beauty. Use daily for beauty inside and out.


Sadhana: Sadhana means “daily spiritual practice”.
Sadhana Mantra: A mantra used daily
The Sadhana Mantra for beauty: Om Chandraya Nama

The mantra is said in devotion to Lord Chandra

As someone who is a) a guy and b) not the type of guy to care about Calvin Klein’s latest fragrance or what Kelly Osbourne happened to say in Fashion Police, I’m often amazed by society’s preoccupation with bottled beauty.

Sure, nice clothes look good on anyone, and a decent haircut is not going to hurt. But true beauty is deeper, isn’t it?

True, genuine beauty isn’t found in a bottle. It’s found deep within a person. That’s why you’re never going to find your true beauty on the shelves. You’re going to find it in yourself.

If you want to be beautiful, look within. And what better way to look within than through ancient spiritual arts, arts that have been proven for thousands of years to create inner peace, confidence, and all those things that go into making a genuinely beautiful person.

Take the Sadhana mantra for instance. It’s a mantra which brings out the pure beauty of a person. The Sadhana mantra relaxes you and helps your blue to flow throughout your body. This in turn flushes out toxins, liberating and purifying the skin, returning it to its natural beautiful state.

Now that’s a darned sight better than cosmetics, in my opinion.

The Sadhana mantra is not the only spiritual technique for beauty. There are many. I’ve already shared with you this powerful mantra, this bunch of ways to make yourself look young, and this amazing article about how meditation makes you sexy. But today I want to share the Sadhana mantra for beauty. It is the most powerful mantra for beauty. With it, you’re going to discover that you truly are such a beautiful person.

transparent png of the Chinese symbol for beauty.

Here’s what you need to know about the Sadhana Mantra for beauty, the mantra to make you beautiful

According to my meditation teacher, the mantra for beauty requires that you meditate on the moon on a full moon day.

The moon is said to be representative of feminine beauty.

By mediating on the moon you draw in the moon’s energy, liberating your feminine beauty.

While meditating on the moon, chant the following mantra 108 times.

The Sadhana mantra is this:

Om Chandraya Namah ll मंत्र ॐ चंद्राय नम: ll 

Beauty lies within. Not without. This powerful mantra will help you tap into your innermost beauty. You’re a divine and beautiful person. Let it shine. Naturally.

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