Recite This Mantra To Remove Negative Energy Like A Guru

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When you need to remove negative energy mantras are your answer. Try these mantra for energy today and feel energised and invigorated.

“Go, go go!” or “Slow, slow slow?” Where’s your head at?

If you’re feeling a little lethargic, hey, no sweat. We all like to put our feet up and chill from time to time. But when we’re drained of energy for too long, when we’re sluggish, we need a spark in our ignition to get us going.

What better way to ignite your engine than through a powerful energy mantra?

Wait? What? How does an energy mantras work?

To understand how mantras create energy it’s first necessary to know why we lack energy in the first place.

There are many reasons why we suffer from negative energy from time to time. We may get stuck in a negative way of thinking (if that’s you, read our guide to positivity), or trapped in a negative relationship which saps us of life, or we might just plan be bored stiff. Whatever the reason for negative energy in your life, mantras can help.



But just how exactly do you use a mantra to create energy?

The best way to use a mantra to create energy is to translate your feelings into words. For instance, you might say, “I’m trapped in worried thoughts” or “My creative energy is blocked.” Putting the issue into words like this helps clarify precisely what’s going on in your mind. And also one of the best techniques for controlling emotions is to name those emotions.

Once you’ve stated the issue in words, put it into third person. For instance, “I’m trapped in worried thoughts” becomes “The worried one” and”My energy is blocked” becomes “The creatively tapped one.”

So, be honest, say what you’re feeling, then translate it into third person.

Next, express thanks for the state of mind you’ve been experiencing. For instance, “I am thankful to have been The Creatively Trapped One.” Think of all the ways that this state of mind has helped you. Being creatively trapped may have helped you to realise that you want to be creatively free. Being worried might have helped you to recognise the potential pitfalls you hope to avoid. Come up with a list of the ways your previous state of mind has helped you.

Finally, it’s time to move past your current state of mind. Say out loud “I am releasing The Creatively Trapped One / The Worried One and entering a new state of being.’

And you might like to say what new mental state you are moving into. For example, “The creatively liberated”.

Put all this together and you will have your own mantra.

“I am releasing The Creatively Trapped One and becoming The Creatively Liberated“.

And there you are, your very own mantra that will achieve precisely the state that you want.



To summarise . . .

  1. Recognise the mind state you have been in
  2. Give the mind state a name
  3. Express thanks for how the mind state has helped you
  4. Say that you are leaving the mind state and entering a new one.

Having created your own mantra for energy let’s now take a look at a few other examples of mantras for energy.



Here are a few examples of English energy mantras. Try reciting these 40 times each now and notice how much more energised you feel afterwards.

  1. “Energy is central to the universe. I am made of energy. Energy fills me every moment.”
  2. “I welcome and accept the energy of the universe.”
  3. “I am creating and sustaining new energy every day.”
  4. “I am full of joy, positivity and energy.”


As well as using these mantras I highly recommend that you use these powerful meditations for energy.

This guest post was written by Samantha Swanson.

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