Mantra for Happiness and Powerful Spells for Happiness
Mantra for Happiness and Powerful Spells for Happiness

This mantra for happiness will help promote well-being, positivity and all around good feeligns.

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If you’re finding that you haven’t been as happy recently as you perhaps could be, then this mantra for happiness will be the perfect lift you need, raising your spirit to a state of peace and happiness.

It is recommended that you sit in a relaxed cross-legged pose, making sure your spine is straight. Begin to chant “Ong” slowly (perhaps one ONG for every eight to ten seconds). You should feel the sound resonating more around your nose than mouth, and your throat should be completely relaxed. Do not worry if you cough occasionally as this is just a sign of your throat adjusting.

Continuing chanting Ong, the mantra for happiness, for as long as you like (I peronally recommend between 10 and 20 minutes).

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For this mantra you will need:  

Meditation Cushion: To truly achieve a meditative state you need to be sitting comfortably and with good posture. Meditation cushions will help here. Read our guide to picking and buying a meditation cushion HERE. 

Mala: With most mantras you need to count the number of times you recite a mantra. A mala will help here. A mala will also create energies useful to your aim. The type of energy a mala provides is dependent on the material it’s made from. Read our guide to picking the ideal mala HERE. 

Optional: It is worth pick up a good guide to mantras. Many books list hundreds of mantras for use in all different occassions. For my personal recommendations on the best mantra books read THIS. 

The Mantra for Happiness

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