Speak These Mantras For Good Luck, Fortune And Fame Today
Speak These Mantras For Good Luck, Fortune And Fame Today

When you meditate on this good luck mantra you will create luck and fortune with money and life.

Luck can be influenced trough the recitation of certain mantras.

Mantras are sacred sounds or words (not dissimilar to the idea of spells).

Let’s take a look at some of the best mantras for luck. 

One of the best mantras for luck is this Shabar mantra

One of the most powerful mantras for luck is a Shabar (or “Sabar”) Sadhana mantra. The name “Sabar” refers to an Indian tribe that were once considered criminals.

“Sadhana” means “Way of achieving something”.

In India, mantras are used for all sorts of purposes. The majority of India’s 1.25 billion people believe that they can appease their gods through the recitation of specific mantras.

There are many different types of mantras (Read: Tutorial on spiritual mantras)

“Shabar” mantras are one of the most common types.

Shabar mantras are a type of mantra (or prayer) that comes from rural areas of India (which you should absolutely visit if you ever take a spiritual vacation to India).

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The Sabar Mantra For Money

This is one of the best mantras for manifesting wealth.

I personally learned this mantra from a friend the last time I traveled to India. And I wanted to share it with you.

As I mentioned this is a Shabara mantra. Interestingly, my friend told me that the name “Shabar” actually refers to an Indian tribe that were once considered criminals [1].

Shabar (or “Sabar”) mantras are believed to have been written by the “Nine Saints”, all of whom are still worshipped today. The nine saints are believed to be an incarnation of the Hindu trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Indian mythology states that recitation of these Shabar Mantras will create various real-world outcomes. Unlike other types of mantra (such as Vedic mantras), Shabar mantras can be used by anybody, regardless of their experience or their spiritual state. So if you have never used mantras before but your online fortune teller just gave you bad news, you might like to try it.

One example of a Shabar mantra is the following mantra, which is used for luck and good fortune.   It is a Shabar Sadhana mantra (Sadhana meaning “a way of accomplishing something”).

My friend, who was a degree in hindu studies, gave me the full instructions. I hope they help you.

Here is the mantra for luck:

“Om Hremm Kleem Namah Dhvah Dhavi. ”

Definitely use this mantra if you ever feel unlucky with money.

The mantra must be recited 100,000 times in 21 days.

According to mythology, this mantra will bring unexpected and sudden wealth and fortune. So you may very well get a call from your stock broker or you might win at the races after using this. Though according to my online horoscope, I am in for a bad month, so I might have to start using this  🙂  I’m holding on tight to my good luck bracelet at the moment.

Traditionally, people would use this mantra while sitting on deer skin on a river bank under a Kanak Champa tree. They’d recite it 100000 times in 21 days.

As I mentioned I learned this from a friend so I hope it works for you.

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Looking for luck in love?

If you are actually looking for luck in love, just cheat. Start chanting Kleem

Lord Shiva Mantra For Fame

Put your hands up who wants to become famous.

There is a powerful mantra that grants fame.

Mantras are sacred words or phrases that are recited in order to gain psychological, spiritual or other benefits. In this way, they are similar to affirmations or magic spells, with spiritual power.

As I mentioned there is a specific mantra for fame, which you can read about below.

Before trying the mantra below, you will probably want to read my free guide to mantras.

Want to know what the best mantra for fame is?

There is one powerful mantra that Deepak Chopra, Russell Brand, George Harrison, and many other celebrities have used.

It’s an extremely potent mantra that grants fame. The mantra is a Shiva mantra. It is said in devotion to Lord Shiva, “The Auspicious One”  who goes by the name of “Great God” ( Mahadeva).

To give a somewhat brief introduction to Lord Shiva. He is one of the primary gods in Hinduism and is the supreme god within Shaivism. Shiva has many different forms. He sometimes takes the form of an all powerful transcendent yogi. At other times he takes the form of from  a householder married to a goddess called Parvati. Shiva is also the slayer of demons and  is the patron god of arts and yoga.

That’s right. He’s the patron god of the arts. That’s why so many famous artists have offered devotion to Shiva: because he has the power to grant fame in the arts.

You might be wondering what Shiva looks like. Well, here is a statue of Shiva …

To show devotion to Shiva, Hindus recite the Shiva mantra. You can discover the mantra for yourself on the next page.

Famous artists, from comedians like Russell Brand, to authors like Deepak Chopra, to musicians like George Harrison, and actors like Julia Roberts, have all offered devotion to Shiva in exchange for fame. 

Here is the Shiva Mantra for Fame, the mantra that granted fame to celebrities like Deepak Chopra and Russell Brand…

The Lord Shiva mantra for fame will make you famous. And it is easy to use. What you have to do to use the mantra is to face East in the morning and recite the following words 108 times. You should do this each day for twenty one days. On the twenty first day Lord Shiva will accept your devotion and grant your desire.

The words for the mantra are”

Om mahadeva devaya rudra moorthaye hara hara shivaya namah

I’ve put the words that must be recited on an image. Feel free to save this image for personal use. 

Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a meditation teacher, author and journalist based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential.

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  2. What if 100000 times is said within 21 days. For example if it’s completed within a span of 5 days. Will it work ? Or it should be exactly 21 days should be followed ?

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  4. Thank you for the help with these mantras…I look forward to bringing financial abundance using the Shabar mantra; I calculated how many times in the span of a day I should say the mantra in order complete the 100,000 times in the 21 days…with diligence, I know I will be successful even if there might be not so great days during this ritual. Thanks again for sharing. Peace and Harmony.

  5. thank you a million times for your clear simple doable mantras may your life be filled with joy and success

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