Two Magical Mantras For Marriage That’ll Bring Your Wedding Day Closer

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The powerful mantras for marriage will attract the right man for marriage. We are sharing two mantras for marriage, one a Durga mantra, one a Ganesh mantra and the final one a Kundalini Yoga mantra for marriage.



Imagine your perfect marriage. Where would it be? Who with? What guests would attend?

Can you see your perfect marriage in your mind’s eye?

I’m about to share a secret with you that will bring your perfect marriage that much closer to reality. The secrets I’m going to share are two spiritual ways to manifest marriage.

There are lots of different spiritual techniques that can help to create both marriages and relationships. We’ve shared a lot of them here before. If you want to discover all the secrets, I recommending this powerful attraction technique, this potent love mantra, and our complete guide to spiritual love. 

As for today. Today I would like to share two powerful mantras for you. These mantras have been used for thousands of years and are proven ways to bring marriage into your life.

The mantras I’m going to share with you are powerful Hindu marriage mantras: the first is durga mantra and the second a Ganesh mantra.

The Durga Mantra for Marriage

This durga mantra for marriage is one of the most powerful mantras of all. It is used by women to attract a bride groom.

The girl should chant this mantra as frequently as she can while extending devotion to Durga Mata. Recite the mantra 108 times.

Here is the mantra… 


The Ganesh mantra is a mantra to be used by those who are the right age for marriage and those who have had their marriage held back for various reasons. The mantra should be used in conjunction with daily worship of Shri Ganesha.  The mantra should be recited 108 times a day in the morning until getting married.


You may find it helpful to have the following items with you when you perform these mantras:


Meditation Cushion: To truly achieve a meditative state you need to be sitting comfortably and with good posture. Meditation cushions will help here. Read our guide to picking and buying a meditation cushion HERE. 

Mala: With most mantras you need to count the number of times you recite a mantra. A mala will help here. A mala will also create energies useful to your aim. The type of energy a mala provides is dependent on the material it’s made from. Read our guide to picking the ideal mala HERE. 

Optional: It is worth pick up a good guide to mantras. Many books list hundreds of mantras for use in all different occassions. For my personal recommendations on the best mantra books read THIS. 


Finally, I’d like to share with you this beautiful video.


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This is a guest post written by Raji Singh.



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