Recite These Mantras Today To Attract Great Wealth

This secret mantra for money will attract money and wealth into your life.

This is a kundalini yoga mantra for money.

We all struggle with financial issues from time to time, and especially with a weak economy. That said, we are the creators and it falls to us to create our reality–a reality of wealth. Thankfully, we have a powerful  mantra that can enable us to do precisely that.

The mantra for money is “Har Har Har Gobinday.” This mantra will bring money and opportunities into your life. This mantra has been shown to have a significant affect on an individuals life.

This mantra works by making the tongue repeatedly meet the upper palate, which is affects the pituitary gland and hypothalamus gland, leading to the release of good hormones.  This hormones will lead you to think more positively and will lead you to creating wealth and prosperity.

It is important when using this to also hold in your mind the intention of bringing money into your life.

The words Har and Gobinday mean “Infinite destiny” and “Sustainter.”

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Mantra for Money 2: Buddhist Mantra

A 13th century Buddhist monk devised this mantra. It is a powerful mantra for money which will offer financial aid.   Ironically I found this mantra from a Christian dating site.
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Mantra for Money 3 : Laxmi Mantra

this Laxmi mantra for money is simple but powerful. It is said that this mantra for money should be recited many times over a long period.




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