How To Meditate With Crystals For Beginners [Tutorial]

How To Meditate With Crystals For Beginners [Tutorial]

In this guide to meditating with crystals for beginners you’ll learn all about crystals. I’ll show you how to choose a meditation crystal and how to meditate on that crystal. 

THE DAILY MEDITATION readers are still loving my guide to 31 meditation techniques. Crystals offer an additional method of meditating.

So how do you do it?

Well, first you need to ask yourself an important question before you begin meditating with crystals: Which stone should you meditate with?

When meditating with crystals you are allowing a powerful stone to influence your state of mind.

That’s why it’s imperative that you choose the correct stone [read: How To Choose Your Best Meditation Crystal].

Choosing the best crystal for meditation is not always obvious, so be sure you read that link above.

Once you’ve chosen a meditation crystal I’ll show you how to prepare the crystal and how to meditate on it.

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Before you start meditating with crystals, begin by cleansing Your Crystal

Just as we must cleanse mala bead stones before using them, we need to cleanse crystals too.

When you first get your meditation crystal it will have been around for many years and will likely have been handled by many people. That means that the energy of the crystal will not be pure. 

Before you begin meditating with a crystal you will want to cleanse it. 

We need to make this your very own crystal. For that we need to purify it. That’s why we’re now going to cleanse your meditation crystal.

But first a friendly warning. Be careful with your meditation crystal.  Some meditation crystals are fragile and some may fade in sunlight. It’s a good idea to wrap your crystals in velvet or silk when you’re not using them. This will help to protect your crystals.

Before meditating with a crystal, cleanse it. Here’s how

Bury your meditation crystal in the ground: 

This removes negative energy from the crystal.

Here’s how:

  1. Get dried sea salt
  2. Pour the salt into a glass
  3. Delicately place the crystal in the salt with the point facing downward
  4. Leave overnight

Use water:

Hold your crystal in a natural source of running water (or a tap if no natural sources are available).  Of course, before you do that you will want to make sure that your crystal isn’t soluble.

Use Cleansing Crystals:

Crystals such as carnelian and quartz have cleansing properties. Put a cleansing crystal in a bag with other crystals to cleanse them. 

Cleanse your crystal once when you first get it. That will purify it. And then cleanse the crystal again every so often to keep it clear of negative energy.

With a cleansed meditation crystal we can now begin the practice of meditating with crystals.


How to start meditating with crystals for beginners

So, it is now time for us to begin meditating with the crystal. Here’s my guide to meditating with crystals for beginners:  

  1. Read my beginners meditation tutorial because it provides you with important background info about meditation in general.
  2. Choose your crystal [see above]. A good crystal may include lines and patterns that help you to get lost in the crystal.
  3. Find a quiet and peaceful area where you will not be disturbed [it’s best to have a room of the house dedicated to practice]. Hold your crystal in front of you, making sure you can see it clearly. Breathe deeply and calmly, slowing the rate of your breathing gradually.
  4. Look at your crystal and observe its every detail. Meditate on the crystal.
  5. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in. Now imagine that you are inside your meditation crystal. Allow yourself to become absorbed in the crystal. Let any thoughts you have subside. Quiet your mind. Move into the crystal, allowing yourself to explore the crystal.
  6. Continue meditating in this fashion for ten minutes. When ready, take ten deep breaths and gradually return to psychical reality.
  7. Remember the way you feel after doing this crystal meditation.
  8. Repeat again tomorrow.

And That’s How To  Meditate With Crystals For Beginners

I love meditating on crystals, and i do it as a complementary practice to my other meditations.

Meditating on gemstones is a relaxing and joyful practice that quiets the mind and uplifts the spirit. Of course, we get different benefits from meditating on different crystals, as we have looked at above.

Which is your favorite crystal and what do you personally enjoy about meditating on it?

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