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Apps are becoming one of the most important meditation tools you can buy. And one of the most exciting new apps is Sway.

Sway is a brand new meditation app from Pausable (who also made the app “Pause”). Sway tracks your movements and provides you with feedbacked designed to help you keep your focus. But does it truly work?

Imagine the scene. I’m standing here in my meditation space, where I usually sit and focus on my breathing doing Anapansati Meditation (breathing meditation). But today things are a little different.

Today I’m in my meditation space with my headphones on and my phone in my hand. My feet are awkwardly shuffling like I’m doing some bizarre dance (that is nothing like traditional meditative dance), and if you didn’t know me any better you might question just what on Earth I had taken to get me into this bizarre, trance-like situation.

The reason why I currently look like a total mad man is because I am using Sway, the meditation app from Pausable.  It’s an app I use a couple of times a day to help to focus my mind.

But to cut you off. No, Sway is not like every other meditation app on the market. Not even close.

What makes Sway different is that it is what the developers call an “Interactive meditation”. Well, not to argue with the developers, but it’s really a form of dynamic meditation. And as you will know if you have read my guide to dynamic meditation, these types of movement-based mindfulness are a great alternative to regular, seated meditation.

Sway focuses on mindful movement. It asks you to continually move—to “sway”, if you will—by moving your phone from site to site while lying down, or moving your entire body while standing up (you can even sway while you’re on the bus, the official website tells us).

While you’re swaying, the app plays ambient sounds and meditation music that calm and focus your mind. There are six different “levels” that push your towards developing mindful habits, and you must complete certain goals before progressing to the next level, in a way reminiscent of a video game. Miss a day and you get pushed back a level.

So, is Sway any good?

One of my favorite things about Sway is that it has excellent production values. The sounds and the animations are delightful. And as for the actual exercises, they are simple and helpful. This app can definitely be used as a supplement to a traditional meditation practice.

What I appreciate most about Sway is that it is a truly unique product. There are hundreds of meditation apps on the market that do precisely the same thing. Sway gives you a different way to meditate. And as a meditation teacher, I truly appreciate that.

Sway is worth the $2.99 price tag.  Whether you’re a well-seasoned meditator, or a newcomer, you will enjoy Sway and find it very beneficial. Pick it up on i-tunes today.

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