Meditation For Hard Times To Get Through Life’s Challenges

meditation for hard times how to overcome lifes challenges

One of the best ways how to get through life’s challenges is by using meditation for hard times. We all go through challenging times in our lives. Maybe you’re going through a financial crisis, as many people are in 2021. Maybe you have a health problem that is causing you stress and anxiety. Maybe you’re […]

Meditation For Breakups: Get Over Your Ex With Mindfulness

meditation for breakups

Falling out of love with someone is painful, but you can use meditation for breakups to stop the pain and sadness when you split up. According to a study by Case Western Reserve University, more than 90 percent of college students have broken up with someone they love and 90 percent have dumped someone. Clearly, […]

Meditation For Work Stress And Anxiety For Fast Relief

meditation for work stress anxiety

Many of my students ask me how to use mindfulness and meditation for work stress and anxiety. It’s a good question. Feelings like stress, anxiety, nervousness, and being overwhelmed, are commonplace at work. Thankfully, there are lots of ways mindfulness can help. There are exercises, breathing techniques, mantras, mudras, and guided meditation for work stress […]

Meditation For Fear: Overcome Anxiety And Be Fearless

meditation for fear

One of the best ways to overcome worry, anxiety, and fright is to use meditation for fear. And there are many options, including mantras, mudras, Buddhist meditations, visualizations, and guided meditation for fear. Everyone has fears and phobias. Whether it’s fear of being alone, or fear of spiders or aeroplanes, everyone experiences fear. Although it […]

Guided Meditation Script For Confidence And Self Esteem

guided meditation script for confidence

Today I’m going to share my best meditation script for confidence and self-esteem. As a meditation teacher, many of my students ask me how meditation can help to build self-esteem and to remove hurdles such as feelings of inadequacy. The good news is that mindfulness and meditation can certainly help with these things. With my […]

Meditation For Sleeping With Someone Who Snores

meditation for sleeping with someone who snores

My friend asked me an interesting question today: How to use meditation for sleeping with a snorer. It turns out that her husband snores every night and keeps his wife awake. Naturally she’s getting a little irritated about the situation and is tired of dealing with sleep deprivation. Meditation, however, can help. When it comes […]

Meditation Script For Acceptance –Accepting Self, Life & Others

meditation script for acceptance

There is one meditation script for acceptance that I have found absolutely wonderful. It helps us to cultivate non-judgment, to accept others, and to accept ourselves. Let me ask you a question. What kind of acceptance are you seeking: Acceptance for your present reality? Acceptance of yourself? Acceptance of other people? Acceptance from other people? […]

Meditation For Tinnitus Sufferers For Fast Relief

meditation for tinnitus relief

In this guide, we will be looking at the benefits of meditation for tinnitus relief, and we will practice mindfulness meditation to reduce the symptoms of the condition. Tinnitus is the perception of sound when there is no sound present. It usually manifests as a ringing in the ear,  a buzzing, hissing, or whistling. The […]

Guided Meditation Script For Anger

meditation script for anger

In this guided meditation script for anger, you will quickly relax and start to feel calm. Meditation can significantly reduce your levels of anger, irritability and frustration, as I will discuss in the meditation script below. Essentially, meditation helps to produce feelings of calmness that counteract the anger. Plus, meditation trains the mind to be […]

Meditation Script For Self Love—Quick Session For Compassion

One great way to feel good about yourself is to follow a simple meditation script for self-love. The text below will be perfect. In our self-love meditation session, we will work on cultivating compassion (Karuna in Buddhism) for ourselves. Self-love is essential for our health. If you have read my guide to the importance of […]

Anxiety Meditation Script: Short Session To Relax   

anxiety meditation script

Today we’ll be doing my favourite anxiety meditation script. It’s a short meditation session for anxiety that helps us to relax and unwind, to stop worry and fear, and to connect with the present moment. I’ve divided our anxiety meditation script into different sections. If you would like to do a short meditation, feel free […]

Meditation Script For Letting Go: Quick Session For Detachment

meditation script for letting go

In this meditation session ‘ll share my best meditation script for letting go. This script has sincerely helped me to move on with my life. This meditation script has helped me to detach, to stop being stubborn, to accept that change is inevitable in life, and to live in the moment. And I am confident […]

Stress Meditation Script: Relax With This Quick Session

stress meditation script

In this meditation session I will share with you my best stress meditation script, and it’s benefits. This script has done wonders for my meditation students and me. I used to suffer from stress almost every day, but thanks to this stress meditation script I’ve been able to relax and stay calm even during difficult […]

Gratitude Meditation Script: Feel Joy With This Quick Session

gratitude meditation script

In today’s meditation session, I’m going to share with you my best gratitude meditation script and its benefits. As a meditation teacher, I’ve used this gratitude meditation script with many of my students, and they all say the same thing: It makes them incredibly happy and glad to be alive. Plus, given the numerous health […]

Relaxation Meditation Script : Calm With This 15 Minute Session

relaxation meditation script

In this meditation session, I will share with you my favourite relaxation meditation script. As a meditation teacher, I have used this script many different times for my students, and everyone tells me it helps them to relax, calm, and let go of stress. It should take between ten minutes and twenty minutes. As you […]

Sleep Meditation Script : Fall Asleep In This Quick Session

sleep meditation script

In this meditation session, I’ll share my favourite sleep meditation script. This script will help you to get a good night’s rest and catch the Zzzz’s you need to wake up feeling refreshed. There are many benefits of meditation for sleep, as you can read below, and this script will help you to experience all […]

What I’ve Learned From 20Yrs Of Meditation

What I’ve Learned From 20Yrs Of Meditation

Over the past twenty years that I’ve been meditating, I’ve learned many things. I’ve learned about the practice, I’ve learned how meditation can benefit us in life, and I’ve discovered many things about my own mind. Twenty years of meditation has totally changed my idea of the practice. When I started meditating, aged 18, I […]

Meditation For Working From Home [WFH]—Less Lonely, More Productive

meditation for working from home wfh

There are significant benefits of meditation for working from home [WFH]. If you’re one of the millions of people this year who has stopped working at the office or at another location and has been forced to work from home, meditation can help. When working from home, meditation can improve your concentration, reduce anxiety, help […]

Meditation For Seasonal Affective Disorder To Stop Winter Blues

meditation for seasonal affective disorder

T’is the season to have winter blues. Thankfully, we can use meditation for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), so we don’t have to feel down this holiday season. If you’re like me, when the winter comes and the sky turns dark and the weather plummets, you might start to feel down. I’ve suffered from the winter […]

9 Secrets About Meditation You Need To Know

secrets about meditation

As a meditation teacher, I’m suddenly becoming aware that there are many secrets about meditation that many people are currently unaware of. It’s no surprise. Most people get their basic information about meditation from mainstream media, and mainstream media like to tell you tall tales without explaining the fine details, they miss out the vital […]