This Powerful Meditation For Attraction Will Make Them Yours


Love makes the world go round. And thankfully you can turn the tables in your favor by using some special meditations for attraction.



Over the past few years, meditation has been proven to offer more than one hundred health benefits. Among those health benefits are the fact that meditation improves the immune systems, helps with cardiovascular disease, regulates oxygen flow to the brain and fights stress, anxiety and depression.

None of that is particularly relevant to sex, though.

What is extremely relevant to sex, however, is the fact that meditation promotes mindfulness, boosts confidence, helps men to overcome erectile dysfunction, and improves the pleasure aspect of sexual intercourse (and if either of those last two are a problem, you should definitely take a look at the “Ashwini Mudra“).

We’ll be looking at techniques to develop intimacy and increase sexual pleasure later in the book, but first let’s start with confidence.



Meditation And Sexual Confidence
Confidence is one of the most important aspects of dating.

Let’s face it, confidence is just flipping sexy. What’s hotter than a guy or girl who exudes confidence? Not much.

On the other hand, a lack of confidence is extremely unattractive and also leads you to believe that no one is attracted to you (and please. If  you believe no one is attracted to you, read this).

If you want a healthy sex life, you have to have confidence. Meditation gives you  confidence in spades.



So, how do you meditate?

In my book Journey To The Buddha Within You, I provided a complete guide to meditation. Here I will share one of the most basic of all meditation techniques; an Anapanasati meditation, which focuses the mind on the breathing.

But before I do that, I want to ask you to promise me something: If you have never meditated, give this a shot, even if you only do it for ten minutes. I want you to witness, first hand, how amazing meditation really is.

How To Do It: 

1)      Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for ten to twenty minutes. When you meditate you practice focusing the mind on something. The quieter and more peaceful the environment, the easier it is to focus your mind. So find a quiet and relaxing spot.

2)      Sit, lie down or stand with good posture. It doesn’t matter which you choose. Personally I recommend sitting meditation to begin with, but adopt whichever position you find most comfortable. Always ensure, however, that you have good posture as this will prevent you from fidgeting.

3)      Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Specifically, focus your mind on the sensation of air moving in and out of the space between your lips and nose.

4)      Continue to focus on this area for ten to twenty minutes. If thoughts enter your mind, don’t worry about them. Simply continue to focus on your breathing as best you can.

5)      After ten or twenty minutes, open your eyes.



That’s it! This basic meditation technique is so simple a child could do it. Yet despite its simplicity it is immensely powerful.

If you tried this meditation technique you will find that you are now more relaxed, that your mind is quieter and that all the things you were thinking about before meditating have suddenly disappeared.

But what in the heck does that have to do with sex?

A lot.

In those twenty minutes you will have boosted your confidence, meaning that if you were to go out right now you would a) be more attractive and b) be more likely to talk to people and to spark some romance. You have also opened your mind, meaning that you’ve helped to remove the effects of all those limiting beliefs we discussed in previous chapters. And finally, you will have developed your levels of mindfulness, the state of awareness that we discussed earlier in the book.

Mediation makes you more attractive. That’s been proven by science (read that link for more on this)

And, of course, you’re also feeling pretty flipping good right now. Don’t you think people will be more attracted to you now that you’re feeling relaxed, confident and calm, as opposed to before?

I personally recommend meditating for a minimum of twenty minutes a day. Try it for one week. I guarantee you’ll be feeling great by the end of the week.


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