What You Need To Know About ADHD, Meditation And Traditional Medication

adhd meditation medication

You really need to know this about ADHD meditation and medication…

Scientific and spiritual wisdom states that if you’re taking ADHD medication, you should probably also be using natural treatments.


Why? Well, for starters,  not everybody suffering from ADHD finds medication beneficial. Secondly, those who do benefit from medication have other difficulties that require alternative solutions. And finally, many people suffer side-effects from taking ADHD medication.

A study in 2008 showed that mindfulness for ADHD has been proven effective. According to the study,  “mindfulness–which incorporates the practice of still or slowly moving exercises while pay particular attention to the moment–improves experiential learning, offers relaxation and promoted self regulation and present moment awareness.”

Over recent years, meditation has been proven to be affective in handling depression, anxiety, stress and addictions. It has proven its ability to regulate brain functioning and attention, which is why meditation for ADHD is so effective.

ADHD And Meditation at a glance…


Mindfulness incorporates three important processes: 1) present moment awareness, 2) letting go of distractions and 3) refocusing.

Mind­ful­nessta­tion is described as involv­ing 3 basic steps: 1) bring­ing atten­tion to an “atten­tional anchor” such as breath­ing; 2) not­ing that dis­trac­tion occurs and let­ting go of the dis­trac­tion; and, 3) refo­cus­ing.

Essentially, in mindfulness we are learning to focus, to deal with distractions and to keep our attention on one subject. Essentially this is “attention training” and therefore highly effective at dealing with ADHD.

So, how do we begin mindfulness for ADHD?

There are several different types of mindfulness techniques for ADHD. I recommend trying each of the techniques to find the one that works for you personally.

Mindfulness for ADHD

Zen Walking: A mindfulness technique in which you walk up and down a path paying attention to the sensation of movement. Learn Zen Walking Meditation HERE. 

Breathing Meditation: The most simple meditation in which you focus on your breath. Learn breathing meditation HERE. 

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