How To Use Meditation To Build Confidence Like A Celebrity

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Learning to use meditation for confidence building can be powerful stuff. When you practice mindfulness you silence your mind and learn to remove the negative thoughts that hold you back. This liberates your from negativity and gives your confidence a boost.

There are many different techniques for confidence, all of which we’ll be looking at soon. First let’s take a look at why mediation is good for confidence.

 Why meditation for confidence works


Meditation is a unique way of dealing with confidence issues. Where most confidence building exercises get you to focus on feeling good about yourself, it  makes you move past the idea of yourself entirely. You won’t come to think “I’m amazing” or anything like that. Instead, you will learn accept yourself and to let go of the way you see yourself.



Before meditating

Imagine, for instance, that you are shy. A shy person knows that they need to talk to people in order to get on in life, but they are afraid to talk, perhaps because past experiences have led them to believe that opening themselves up to others leads to pain, or perhaps because they worry about how other people judge them. What is happening for this hypothetical shy person is that every time they try to talk to someone they experience negative thoughts that result in fear and ultimately shyness.


After Meditating…

When we meditate, we learn to escape our thoughts. The shy person learns to stop thinking, “I’d best stay quiet or I might make a fool of myself.” Practice frees us from such thoughts. Having meditated, the shy person is now able to speak without being impeded by any negative thoughts or believes.

As you can see, when we practice , we don’t build self confidencerather, we free ourselves from low self esteem and negative thoughts.

The only way to find genuine self confidence is to remove those negative thoughts and beliefs.

With meditation you can silence your mind, you can learn your own habitual thought processes, and you can change them. You can replace negative thoughts with positive ones, and thereby establish healthy levels of self confidence.

Here’s how…

How to use Meditation for Confidence Building and Success

There are many different techniques for confidence building. You can read about all of them in my new book Mindfulness and Meditation Technique for Beginners, which is guaranteed to substantially boost your confidence levels.

On the next page we’ll look at the best techniques for confidence building.

There are many different techniques for confidence. It’s worth taking your time to explore the various techniques on this site. This will give you a good overall grip on meditation. For now, though, let’s take a look at some of the most powerful techniques for confidence.

The Best Types of Meditation For Confidence Boosting and Success

1) Basic Breathing: always the best place to begin with mediation. If you’re new to practice, start with this guide to basic breathing techniques.

2) Insight: The reason people lack confidence is because they have negative beliefs. Unfortunately, it can hard to recognise those beliefs. By practicing insight, you can learn to discover precisely what is happening in your own mind. Once you recognise your beliefs, you can then change them. I recommend reading my guide to Buddhist Insight for more on this.

3) Bhakti: Bhakti is a technique in which you focus on a deity, or someone who means a lot to you (eg. A role model or even an idea of a ‘Perfect You.’) Through Bhakti, you learn to be more like the person you are focussing on. For more on this, read my guide to Bhakti.

4) Transcendental Meditation:  a powerful technique and is used by many celebrities. This is an immensely relaxing and empowering style. Find out more about TM HERE.

5) Smiling Buddha Technique.

In truth, any kind of techniques you us is going to boost your confidence. These techniques have been scientifically proved to regulate the brain and to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. To learn everything you need to know, and to achieve high levels of confidence that will lead to success, read my new book Mindfulness and Meditation Technique for Beginners.



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listen to this excellent guided video for confidence.

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