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guided Meditation For Employees

Below you can find a selection of some of the meditations that we use in the workplace to help with everything from employee stress relief to productivity. These are all examples of the meditations that we give in our corporate meditation classes.

Guided Meditations For Employees

For Beginners

If you want to introduce meditation at work, you need to start from the beginning. Some employees at your workplace will never have meditated before, and it’s important that they learn to meditate properly. That’s why our first priority in our corporate meditation sessions here at TheDailyMeditation is teaching all your employees the basics of the practice. Watch the video below for a sample of one of our corporate meditation sessions.

1: Guided Meditation For Burnout

According to the Center of Mind and Brain at UC Davis, meditation reduces cortisol levels and this in turn helps to reduce burnout. This is huge because burnout is at a record high at the moment, so much so that it is now recognized by the World Health Organization. And indeed, this is one of the most common reasons why corporations contact me with interest in my corporate meditation classes.

We offer in-depth meditation sessions for employee burnout, but below you can listen to a short guided version.

This one for productivity

One of the main benefits of meditation for employees is that it improves productivity… in spades. Indeed, neuroimaging studies show that seasoned meditators have enhanced activity in the prefrontal lobe. This means that they will experience less “Monkey Mind” (scatterbrain), and ultimately that they are more able to focus, and therefore, have enhanced productivity. And if you’re wondering if you can get similar benefits quickly, the answer is yes. I’ve personally seen how meditation can quickly (within twenty minutes) lead a scattered brain to focus. Just try the guided meditation below.

Mindfulness At The Office Desk

When you’re at work you usually don’t have the time to sit with your eyes closed focusing on your breath for twenty minutes. Hence many people wrongly believe that it’s impossible to meditate at work. However, one of the best things about mindfulness is that it is very mobile and it doesn’t have to take very long at all. Some mindfulness exercises can be done in as lilttle as five minutes. And although such a short session will not be as effective as a longer one, it will still calm the mind and increase concentration.

For example, try the following guided meditation for employees who work at a desk.  

For Leadership

Being a leader in the workplace demands many divergent skills. For instance, one must be confident enough to lead with authority, but also compassionate and empathetic enough to be a support to other employees. Thankfully, meditation can help employees to cultivate many of the skills demanded of a good leader. Try the following guided meditation.

This Meditation For Teambuilding

As you know, the more the individuals in your corporation work as a cohesive team, the better. A strong and harmonized team is more productive, more creative, healthier and, last but not least, more enjoyable for everyone. The problem is that work teams can easily dissolve. As each employee competes for their individual career, conflicts can happen. And that’s when it’s time to invest in some teambuilding activities.

One of the best teambuilding activities for employees is meditation. And we here at have devised a wonderful guided meditation for employee teambuilding.  


There are many wonderful benefits of meditation for employees, and above I have shared some of my guided meditations to help you to get started. Guided meditations like these, however, are just the beginning. Indeed, there are myriad ways in which meditation can help your business to thrive and help your employees to stay well. Contact us today so we can discuss bringing meditation to your workplace.

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By Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison BSc is a qualified meditation teacher who believes in genuine, authentic meditation. He has more than 15 years experience in teaching meditation and mindfulness both to individuals and to corporations.

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