How To Use Meditation For Energy You Cant Find In A Bottle

Read our guide to using meditation for energy a.k.a zenergetics

I personally use meditation for energy boosts every day. Meditation gets me up and running and lasting long as a Duracell bunny. And you too can tap into your inner Zen and boost your energy levels with some simple meditation techniques.


I used to have to get up and have at least two coffees before I set off on my day. Today, I get up and say twenty “Oms.” The latter method isn’t just a lot healthier, it’s also a lot more effective.

Some people say that meditation creates energy. That has yet to be proven. What meditation does do, without question, is channel our energy through our bodies and minds.

It’s quite shocking to think about the amount of energy that the average person wastes. Most people’s minds are full of superfluous thoughts, doubt, worry, anxiety, and all sorts of noise. The truth is that about 10% of our mental energy is spent on practical things. The rest is wasted on the noise.

The way meditation for energy works is that it prevents you from spending energy on unnecessary matters. Consider an example in which you’re tidying the house. You’re busy vacuuming and cleaning, but a million unrelated thoughts are flowing through your mind at the same time. You’re thinking about work, about what you have to do next and many other concerns. None of these thoughts help you to clean the house, but you’re spending energy on them anyway.

Not only do you waste energy on thoughts, but while your mind is distracted you are less efficient at completing your job of cleaning the house. Because you’re distracted, you’re constantly stopping your work to do other, unimportant unrelated things. Perhaps you’re checking your cell phone or your emails. Whatever it is you’re doing, it isn’t helping you complete your job but you’re still wasting energy on it.

That’s why one of the best types of meditation for energy is basic mindfulness 

Mindfulness helps you to conserve your energy by allowing you to focus on one thing at a time. If you’re cleaning, you’re cleaning (rather than cleaning while thinking while checking your phone and so on).

Throughout the day, you likely distract yourself thousands of times and waste energy in the process. By learning to meditate you make sure your energy is being spent on actually achieving the thing you’re doing. Though this might seem small, it adds up. Throughout a whole day, the benefits of mindfulness for energy amount to quite a lot of both time and energy being saved.

I highly recommend that you read my guide to mindfulness meditation as this is one of the best ways to maximise the way you use the energy you have. And also consider the benefits of living a mindful life, where you are mindful always. Trust me, it is an amazing way to live.


Another way to use meditation for energy involves the chakras. 

Chakras are the energy centres in the body. Your energy passes up through your body, through the seven chakras. The “clearer” your chakras are the more easily your energy can flow through your body. But all host of factors prevent your chakras from being clear. Injuries, trauma, stress, and emotions can all affect the flow of energy through your chakras. This then slows the creation and transmission of energy, effectively lowering the quality of your existence. That’s one reason why Chakra Clearing Meditation is one of the best meditations for energy.



Another highly powerful way to use meditation for energy is to heighten your mind body connection.

both your mind and body are energy centres, and they both use energy in different ways. The mind uses energy on cognitive activities, on thoughts, and qutie often on thoughts, worry, anxiety and all those other negative mental states.

At the same time, your body uses energy for physical tasks, for exercise and for basic movement.

The problem is that when your mind and body aren’t one you use twice the amount of energy. For instance, let’s say that I’m siting here typing this article right now, and that is a physical activity. But in my mind I’m thinking about what I’d like for dinner and all the chores I have to do later. In this instance my energy is being split. Half my energy is going on what I’m actually doing, the other half on thoughts. This wastes a lot of energy.

It would be a lot more practical if I could make my mental energy and physical energy  to achieve the one thing I’m actually trying to achieve.

In order to create oneness between mind and body, and to heighten your mind body connection, you can use a body scan meditation. This makes mind and body one, and thereby ensures that your energy is being used practically.

You can learn about the other ways meditation helps you in this article.

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