How To Meditate To Forgive So You Can Heal Spiritually

Use this meditation for forgiveness


Meditation for forgiveness can be the solution for those painful times when you are trying to figure out how to forgive people in your life.

Forgiveness is not easy. The reason forgiveness is not easy is because there is often a lot of pain associated to the person who needs to be forgiven. Thankfully, there are many powerful meditations for forgiveness which can greatly help when you’re wondering how to forgive people in your life.


We all have people in our lives whom we need to forgive. Having lived with an alcoholic father for the first twenty years of my life, there were times when I didn’t think I would ever be able to forgive him. Don’t get me wrong, my father is a good guy, but he had a weakness: alcohol, and that weakness led to a lot of pain in my own life.

There were many bad times for me growing up (though perhaps that is true for all of us). And for many years I lived with resentment and anger. How could my father have done what he’d done, all those years? How could he prioritize drink over his family? There were so many “Hows” and “Whys” I could have written a novel about it.

I could have spent the rest of my life living with resentment and anger towards my father. But what that have achieved? What good does it do us to hold negative feelings in our hearts? None. It simply causes suffering. We need to let go, but letting go is rarely easy. Thankfully, meditation helps us to forgive.

How meditation for forgiveness works

The reason it is hard to forgive is because we associate painful memories with the person we are forgiving. For instance, I used to associate my father with many painful experiences in my childhood. In order to forgive, I needed to detach those memories from my father. I needed to be able to think about my father without thinking about painful memories.

In order to achieve this I used specific meditations for forgiveness. There are many ways in which meditation can help with forgiveness, but the best is a simple mindfulness meditation. I will reveal how to do this on the next page.

How the Meditation for Forgiveness Works

Read these instructions carefully before trying the exercise.

  1. Sit somewhere quietly with your eyes closed.
  2. Relax for a few minutes
  3. Focus your mind on your breathing for five minutes. Make sure you are very relaxed.
  4. Bring to mind the person who needs to be forgiven
  5. You will notice that when you think of this person you also think of various painful memories or thoughts. Observe these thoughts.
  6. This is the important bit. Every time you notice a thought about the other person (every time you experience a painful memory, for instance) say to yourself “This is just a thought. It doesn’t exist.” Imagine throwing the thought away. Now return to meditating on the person.
  7. Continue for ten minutes


I hope you find this exercise helpful. It has been of great help to me personally and to many other people whom I have taught the meditation too. If you would like to learn many more powerful meditation techniques, pick up a copy of my brand new book Mindfulness and Meditation Technique for Beginners. . . 

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