8 Beautiful Meditations For intimacy That Spiritual Couples Use

Are you in a spiritual relationship? Is your love better than the rest? Then use these powerful meditations for intimacy. Only for the most loving couples.

Lots of people are in loving relationship. But there’s a world of difference between a loving relationship and a spiritual relationship.

In a spiritual relationship it feels like you are one with the other person. It’s like you are connected not at the hip but at the soul.

When you’re in that kind of a relationship you know that your love will last forever and that nothing could ever stop it. So while 50% of marriages end with a divorce lawyer and the average relationship lasts for only two years, you know that your relationship will endure always.



To know whether or not you’re in a spiritual relationship, and to be able to cultivate spirituality into your relationship, you first need to define precisely what a spiritual relationship is.
At its simplest, a spiritual relationship is a relationship which facilitates the spiritual growth of both individuals. Divine love is built on the sacred foundations of honesty, compassion, understanding, and genuine love. A spiritual relationship need not be perfect. No relationship is ever perfect. There are ups and downs on our journey, in love as in life. That is simply the way of things. A spiritual relationship understands and accepts these ups and downs as a sacred step on the journey.

A spiritual relationship continually becomes deeper and deeper as both individuals grow together as one. It is creation. When living  with divine love we are growing as the tree that is nourished with the water of pure love.

Feelings are also essential to a spiritual relationship. The way you feel when in the presence of the other person says a great deal about your connection. There should be joy and happiness, but above all, compassion is the utmost. Because of the deep level of compassion, you may feel that you know what the other person is thinking, and that you feel what they are feeling. This is oneness. It is the coming together of two individuals as one. You may even feel that you are resonating at the same frequency, as though you are harmonised as two voices singing together, their two melodies forming musical unison.

there are many pathways to finding and developing spiritual love. you will find these meditation techniques for couples to be particularly effective. 
This video is sensational and beautiful and speaks of genuine spiritual love, of divine love.


Glen Keane – The Duet


Before I finish this post, let me share one little thing with you. It is the true beauty of life. It is this. What you are living right now is perfect, it is sacred. This moment is divinity. Love this moment. Experience a spiritual relationship with the present moment. Then love will radiate from deep within you.
Thank you for reading. You may like to read my book on the divinity of love: 30 Secrets To Spiritual Love.



True lovers always want to be closer. That’s why they use meditation for intimacy

When you are madly in love, like Jack and Rose in Titanic, you only want to be closer to one another.

But you have already tried every sexual position in the book. You’ve done every romantic date that you could possibly ever do. And it kinda feels like if your love were any deeper you would drown in it. But then, you want to drown in your love so is that really such a big problem?

How do you get even closer?

There are many meditation techniques couples can use to create a deeper love and to get more intimate with one another.

Some of these meditations are physical. You can do them while you are making love. And when you do you will feel as though you are melting in your lover’s arms.

Other meditation techniques are about spirituality and about love. These meditation techniques make you love absolutely everything about your lover, even those little weaknesses that annoy you sometimes. With these meditations you’ll come to love each other in a way that even you, with your heightened propensity for love, never dreamed imaginable.

So what are the best meditations for intimacy?

Let’s take a look.




Use these meditations for intimacy and you’ll feel more connected than ever

Try each of these exercises for intimacy one at a time. See which one resonates with the two of you. 


Mindful Touching

Often, when we touch we don’t really focus on the sense of touch. We’re touching someone, but we’re barely conscious of it. We have a million thoughts going through our head. We find it impossible to truly connect.

Try being mindful of touching. When you touch someone, truly feel them. Notice how they feel. Imagine that the feeling of their skin is everything. Meditate on it. Close your eyes and allow yourself to focus on the sensations in your body when you touch your partner’s skin. How does it feel? How does it make you feel?



Intimacy Exercise 2: Be aware of your fantasies and go with them

Whenever you ignore your desires or feelings you’re leading yourself to harm. Buddha may have said “Desire is the root of all suffering” but that doesn’t mean you should ignore your desire. When you ignore a part of yourself you simply push it down deeper.

By being mindful of your fantasies and by acting them out, you give yourself an opportunity to explore a new aspect of yourself and a new part of your relationship.

Take one night a week to allow yourself to live out your fantasies with your partner. You’ll find this deepens your relationship tremendously.


Intimacy Exercise 3: Sensuality

As a meditation teacher I’m often advising people to get in touch with their senses. Be mindful of sight, scent, touch, taste and sound. This connects you to the present moment and gets you out of your own head.

Practice sensual mindfulness in the bedroom once in a while. Place some scented candles, play some romantic and relaxing music… try to create a divine sensual paradise. Then meditate on your senses and allow your senses to lead you towards intimacy.



Intimacy Exercise 4: A Top Shelf Secret

Did you know that The Ancient Egyptians believed that you could channel sexual energy through the chakras and thereby achieve eternal youth? It’s a spiritual secret that’s been long buried. But I’ve gone ahead and dug up all the secrets of spiritual sex. And I’ve put them in my new book 30 Secrets To Spiritual Sex. Its a book that only the most in-love couples should read. Do you think you love each other enough to achieve lasting spiritual love? Read my book today.




But what about meditation outside the bedroom? What meditations can couples use for deeper love?

Over the years I have discovered some truly amazing meditations couples can use. And I can honestly say that these meditation techniques for couples are the number one way to have a spiritual relationship.

Some of the meditation techniques I’ve learned over the years are frankly utterly bizarre. For instance, the ancient Egyptians believed they could achieve immortality through meditating on orgasms. But that’s for later… or never… depending on how the mood takes us (?).

You’re probably not looking for immortality anyway. Most likely, you’re looking to take your relationship to a new level, a level at which you perhaps achieve oneness with your boyfriend / girlfriend and feel much closer to them. Or perhaps you have hit a temporary hurdle and there have been some parks of anger. Perhaps you’re looking to meditation to help heal some wounds in the relationship. Trust me, I’ve been there myself.

The good news is that whether you’re looking for heightened passion or forgiveness and compassion, you’ll get it with these couples meditation techniques. Let’s take a look.



The 5 Best Meditations For Couples Who Want Deeper Love

Basic: If you don’t want to get naked together and you want to be too kinky, then you can practice traditional meditation techniques together. Sit together holding hands, perhaps next to a lit candles for extra romance. Now take five minutes to close your eyes and focus on your breathing. After those five minutes open your eyes and focus on your partner. Touch them if you like, explore their body, but not in a lustful way, in a mindful and completely accepting way. Imagine you are seeing them for the first time and meditate on them. Continue for twenty minutes.


Naked meditation: This is one of the meditations couples can use to feel closer.

You can up your meditation practice by doing it naked. Start as with the exercise above but then explore your partner’s body while both are you are naked. Really feel their naked skin and be genuinely intimate with them. Feel their body, focusing on it 100%. If this leads to making love then allow it to, but make love mindfully, meditating on the other person. This is just one of many meditations for intimacy that you can try.



Meditation while making love: Practicing mindfulness while making love will be an experience you won’t forget. You don’t need to be in any specific position or anything like that. Simply make love while focussing all of your mind on the sensation of making love. If you want to, you can take this to a karma sutra level by not climaxing and experiencing what it feels like to be “on the edge.” Feel the sensations, the tingling in your body, and explore your sensations.



Compassion Meditation:

If you don’t want the experience to be physical you can make it about emotional intimacy instead. To do this, sit together holding hands and chant OM together. Listen to the other person’s voice and imagine that your voices are one. Try to feel a sense of genuine oneness, a state of complete connection where you are one with your partner.

Learn more about compassion (Karuna) meditation here.



Loving Kindness Meditation:

 Here’s a meditation couples can use for a better connection.

Loving kindness meditation has been proven to heighten your propensity for love and also to develop forgiveness and compassion. Obviously, there are times in relationships when we all need to be able to forgive. No relationship is perfect. There are ups and downs. “True loves course never did run smooth,” said Shakespeare. How right he was.

If you’re heading through turbulent tides and need a hand in developing forgiveness and compassion, please do read my guide to loving kindness meditation. It will make the world of difference.

This has been an introduction to using meditation in relationships. These techniques are fabulous meditations couples can use for better sex, intimacy and connection.

If you truly want to make your relationship spiritual and to create deep lasting love and passion, you really must read my new book: The 30 Secrets to Spiritual Love.

thanks for reading.

Know any other great exercises for intimacy? Leave a comment.


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