We’re Going To Earn Tons Of Money By Meditating–Want In?

manifesting money through meditation

Millions and millions of dollars.

That’s what we want.

I mean, let’s not beat around the bush here. Yes, inner peace, world harmony, and universal love all sound just gravy. There are lots of reasons for meditating. And many of them are completely selfless. But that’s not for today. Today I’m staring at a mortgage payment, and the phone is currently bleeping to remind me that the credit card company left a nasty message. And that student loan… it’s not paying itself off anytime soon.

But it’s all totally cool. You know why? Because I happen to have inside knowledge of the process of meditating to manifest money.

And I’m going to share the secrets with you. So let’s get started.

Here’s the meditation technique I use to manifest money…

To begin,  sit in a comfortable position somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed. It is best to adopt one of the sitting positions used in zen.  For a complete guide to doing so, click the LEARN MORE button.


Now hold your hands in prayer position a little in front of your forehead. Gently press your thumbs into the middle of your forehead.

Look at your third eye by turning your eyes upwards while closed. The third eye is an important energy centre which helps with manifesting money.

If you haven’t used your third eye in meditation before, you might like to learn about it. Click the LEARN MORE button for a guide to using the third eye chakra.

Focus on your breathing and relax. Your breathing will slow down. Continue focusing on your breath for a few minutes.

Your mind will quiet and become calm. It is important to be completely relaxed. Once relaxed, visualise your desire. Imagine having the money you wish for. You may also visualise the reasons why you want money (perhaps visualise a nice house and so on).

Continue visualising your success for 5 minutes.

Should any thoughts come to mind observe them. You may find doubts or fears and other feelings. Observe these. Do not dwell on them but accept them and then allow them to subside as you continue to visualise your success.

After five minute open your eyes, express thanks for the meditation, and return to your regular routine.

If you would prefer a guided meditation alternative to this article, simply click the VIDEO button.


And that is it.


Only this meditation doesn’t manifest money. Instead, it harnesses the untapped power within your mind. It makes you a financial tiger. But you will earn the money. You’ll earn it because after you do this meditation you’re going to realise the truth:

You’re good enough to get a job that makes you a ton of money. 

You deserve a ton of money.

Stop holding yourself back and get it.

And be sure to use Wayne Dyer’s Manifesting Meditation too.





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