How Enlightened Students Keep Focus When Studying [TUTORIAL]

meditation for studying

Have you ever tried using meditation for studying?

Meditation is the best way to help yourself focus on your studies. That much has been proven by recent scientific research.

Meditating for a few minutes before studying will significantly increase your ability to retain information.


Science has proven that meditation helps with studies 

Scientific research using neuroimaging technology proved many months ago that meditation improves brain functioning and enhanced concentration. It was always assumed, however, that to acquire these benefits a person need to meditate for many years.

Now we know that you can very quickly improve your concentration by just meditating for a short time each day.

Psychologists studying mindfulness have now shown that you don’t need to commit to much practice in order to glean the full benefits. A study group showed significant improvements in their cognitive abilities after merely four days of meditating for 20 minutes each day.

This research has amazed scientists, who until now believed that any significant changed to cognitive abilities took many years to acquire.

In a study, 49 students were divided into two groups, one of which meditated while the other did not. Both before and after the tests students were tested extensively on their cognitive abilities.  Though both groups had performed equally in the beginning, the group of students who has meditated scored significantly higher in their tests.

This test has proven not only that the benefits of meditation for studying are very real, but that those benefits may be acquired within a few days.



So what does this mean for students? Is it worth meditating before studying?

Ask yourself: how much time do you waste? And how much of that is caused by an inability to focus?

Now I will openly admit that it has been several years since I have personally studied at university. But back in the day, in the early 2000s, when I was at university, I wasted an absolute truckload of time.

When I was supposed to be studying I would actually be either playing video games, talking to girls, or just chilling out wasting time. Oh, and I did also spend a good few thousand hours acting in my own bedroom like a lunatic (which makes more sense when I tell you that I later became an actor).

But I digress.

I used to waste time like it grew on trees. And even though  I did end up getting top grades, I could have done so far more effectively.

Does that sound at all like you? Do you waste time? Do you struggle to focus on what you’re actually supposed to be doing (studying?)


If you struggle to focus on studies then meditation will help you out 

Anyone who has ever meditated will tell you that it very quickly focuses their mind. That’s true for me (someone who has meditated for 15 years) and it’s also true for people who have literally only just begun meditating.

When you meditate you silence your mind and produce inner peace. In other words, all those thoughts about boys / girls etc. that stop you from focusing, well, meditation deletes them.


Should You Meditate Before studying?

Not everyone needs to meditate before they start studying. Some people are superheroes who can study all day without thinking about sex or chocolate. Good for them.

But most of us are mere mortals. And most of us struggle to focus our minds on what we are actually doing.

There is one very easy way to tell which type of person you are.

Close your eyes right now and take 20 deep breaths while focusing entirely on your breathing. Try to focus your whole mind on breathing. Can you do it? Can you focus your mind? Or do thoughts interfere?

If you are able to focus your mind easily then good for you, you are a superhero.

If, however, you find that when you try to focus all sorts of different thoughts come up, then oh dear you are a mere mortal like me and you may want to meditate before you study.


So how Do You Use Meditation For Studying?

There are lots of different meditation techniques that will help you to focus on your studies. Here are the top three techniques that I recommend you use.

But first: If you have never meditated before you will need to know the basics. So before you start, read this guide to the basics of meditation and then read this guide to beginners meditation techniques.

If you already know how to meditate, then try using these three specific techniques:

Breathing Meditations: Breathing meditations have always been and will always be the best way to focus the mind. Breathing meditations simply involve focusing on your breathing, which will quiet your mind and allow you to focus. Get started with my guide to breathing meditation.

Samatha Meditation: Samatha meditation is actually the meditation technique that Buddhist monks use to focus their minds. It’s a fairly simple meditation technique in which you focus on any one thing. It will make you feel more in the moment and will boost your concentration quickly. Here is my guide to samatha meditation.

Nine Round Breathing: You may have heard of Alternative Nostril Breathing. This is similar to that. It only take around five minutes and will help you to focus on your studies. Best of all, you can use this guide to Nine Round Breathing by the Dalai Lama himself.

Mantras: Mantras are sacred words or sounds with spiritual properties. There are many ancient mantras that improve focus. Reciting these mantras for 10 to 20 minutes provides a quick boost of concentration when studying.

Another excellent way to increase your focus is to cut-out unnatural dopamine.

You now know how to focus on studies by using meditation. And with this you will hopefully get the grades you need.

Now let me ask you a favor. I love to hear about how my zen-sational readers get on with my techniques. So if you could please leave a comment I would appreciate it. Thanks.




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