In this list, I’ll be sharing all the best Buddhists gifts and some great options for meditation and mindfulness lovers. 

You’ll find all sorts of beautiful presents guaranteed to put a smile on their face. There’s everything from malas to meditation cushions and more. 


Best Gifts For Buddhists & Mindfulness Meditation Lovers 

Let’s take a look at the best gifts for Buddhists. Note that if you are looking for yoga gift ideas, many of these will still work because, in my experience, Buddhism, yoga and meditation tend to go together. People who like one tend to like all three.  

There are romantic presents, practical presents, spiritually significant items and much more.

I’ve priced them from the “holy s–t!” price range to the “Huh… thanks” price. But honestly, they will love all these ideas regardless of the cost! 

1:  Trip To A Resort  

retreat gifts for buddhists

If you have ever wondered what the best gift for a Buddhist is, it is probably a trip to a resort.  [READ: Best Meditation Retreats]

Okay, we’re looking at the very high-end presents here. But if you have the money to splurge and you, really, really want them to be mega happy, you cannot go wrong booking a vacation to a resort. It’s also an excellent gift for people who meditate because these resorts have special classes in meditation. 

Personally, this is about $1000 out of my price range, but if you’re rich and kind, well, why not go nuts?

Just imagine how wonderful it would be to stay for a week in a resort. One of the best Buddhist gifts you could posibly give.

2. Meditation Altar  

altra - gifts for buddhits

One of the best Buddhists gifts for men is an altar. Most guys who are seriously into meditation will enjoy an altar where they can sit to meditate. 

These small tables are designed for meditating at, and they can also be used as a shrine.

Why are these such a good Buddhist gift for men? Well, for starters, most guys don’t have one. They are coming into fashion right now. I know a lot of male friends who have recently bought one and use it as a special mindfulness space they sit at to meditate.  I do not have one of these yet. And I would be thrilled if someone gave me one! 

What will make this one of the best gifts for Buddhists is how you present it. You can give it to them with a small Buddha statue and other little decorative items to make it truly special! 

2: Zen Garden or Plants

bonsai tree - gifts for buddhists


Buddhists love nature and are generally avid gardeners. So on their birthday, why not go horticultural.

One of the best gifts for Buddhist friends is an item for their garden. Thankfully, there are lots of excellent Buddhist gift ideas that involve the garden. You could get them a Zen garden, which is a little garden space that we rake mindfully for relaxation. Creating a Zen garden isn’t as hard as it sounds. You’ll need the basic tools and items, including pebbles and a bonsai tree, but you can easily get the job done with $100 and about three hours of work. It is one of the most traditional Zen practices, which is why it is one of the best gifts for Buddhists. 

Or get them a Bonsai Tree (pictured), which costs around $25.

3: Tibetan Singing Bowl  

tibetan singing bowl gifts for buddhists

One of the best gifts for Buddhists who love music is a Tibetan singing bowl. These are instruments that we meditate on. And they make beautiful presents. 

Why are these one of the best Buddhist gift ideas? Because they help people to meditate. Buddhist monks sit and meditate on the sound of these beautiful instruments as a form of sound healing. On top of that, singing bowls look beautiful.  The combination of tradition and healing properties make this one of the best gifts for Buddhists. 

Tibetan Singing Bowls vary massively in price (around $20 to $1000). However, you probably don’t need to get a particularly expensive one. There are high-quality bowls for sale online that you can get for around $50 that look and sound great.

I’ve written a guide to buying a Tibetan Singing Bowl to help you choose.

4: A new chair 

chair - a meditation gift idea

Are they the type of person who spends hours every week meditating? Then they will appreciate a chair. This is one of the most practical Buddhist gift ideas because it makes a big difference in their practice.

The vast majority of meditators do not have a proper meditation chair. And it is a big deal.

A proper meditation chair prevents injuries, improves meditation, and looks great as home decor. This item is particularly useful if it’s for someone a little older, like your mother, because older people can find it uncomfortable to sit and meditate. Giving them this a chair as a present will help them to be comfortable when they meditate.

Remember, meditation is an essential pastime for your Buddhist friends. So a new meditation chair is an excellent idea for a present.

Take a look at my guide to picking a meditation chair.  

5: Buddhist Mala  

mala meditation gift for buddhists friends

This is my personal favourite Buddhist gift idea. These are arguably the most popular product for people who meditate and for Buddhists too.

A mala is a piece of jewellery that is used to count breaths and mantras when meditating. You can view our choices of the best malas via the link above.

These beauties are definitely one of the best Buddhist jewellery gift idea for her or him (men wear them too). 

This is a significant present, and even though they can be purchased quite cheaply, they should be given serious consideration because the material the mala is made of holds significance (see the link above for more info).

To give you an idea of how valuable a mala is,  I ordered my first mala about 15 years ago. I wore it for over a decade. It finally broke. Today, I have all the piece of that mala lovingly stored in a drawer. And honestly, it is probably the most sacred piece of jewellery I have ever owned. That’s why I recommend a mala as one of the best gifts for Buddhists and people who meditate.

Please, if you get a mala, choose wisely. Consider the symbolism of the material and the design (the link above explains all this and more). This is probably the best Buddhist gift idea ever.

6: Lotus Flower Necklace Price: $90   

lotus flower necklace


If you’re looking for the best Buddhist gift for her, try a lotus flower necklace.

Why is the best Buddhist gift for her?  Buddhists will recognise the Lotus flower from the mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum”, which is a Buddhist mantra with a profound meaning.

The lotus flower is a symbol of divine beauty and purity and is one of the Ashtamangala (auspicious signs) in Buddhism. It represents creation and cosmic renewal. It is also symbolic of the Dharmachakra, the wheel which represents Buddha’s teachings.

There is symbolism in the lotus flower. It grows in the mud, but its flowers always point to the sun. Therefore, it represents a strong mind, which endures hardship while remaining positive. If it’s your girlfriends birthday and you want to get the best Buddhist gift for her, you might like to get this necklace and explain the significance of it (you can thank me later).

It’s the symbolism that makes this one of the best gifts for Buddhists. 

7: Spiritual Protection Bracelet  


If you’re looking for the best Buddhist gift for her on your anniversary, tell her that she is so precious to you that you want to know that she will always be protected, even when you’re not around.

Then hand her this Spiritual Protection Bracelet.

Tell her it will protect her when you’re not there.

Because of the romantic meaning and the beauty of these little bracelets, they are one of the best meditation gifts for her.  

8: Buddhist Wall Art ($50)

art gifts for buddhists


Most Buddhists I have met absolutely love art. Art can be very meaningful to them. That’s why it makes a great gift for Buddhist friends.  

There are lots of art vendors online and a ton selling art on Amazon and eBay.

When you buy artwork as a present for a Buddhist friend, consider the symbolism of the piece. What do you want the art to express? 

How to choose the right art

When you buy art as a gift for a Buddhist friend, consider the symbolism.

Here’s a quick guide to the most important symbols used in art, so you know what to get:

Buddha touching the Earth: Art that shows Buddha touching the earth represents Buddha attaining enlightenment. This would be a good choice for a Buddhist who is passionate about developing their spiritual life.

Lotus flower: As mentioned above, art of a lotus flower represents creation and renewal, so this is a good choice for someone going through a spiritual rebirth.

The wheel: Buddhist art that shows a wheel (the “dharmachakra”) represents the Noble Eightfold Path. This is about right-living. Good for someone who believes in following “the path”.

Zen circle: Perhaps the most popular symbol is the Zen circle. This symbolizes absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and mu (the void)

Also consider the colour of the art.

The colours means different things:.

White: Purity
Green: Peace and protection
Yellow: Wealth and beauty
Blue: Knowledge
Red: Love and compassion
Black: Death, specifically the death of ignorance, which leads to enlightenment.

Follow these tips to find the best art-themes gifts for Buddhists!

The safe bet is to get art that has either Buddha or Zen stones on it (they will love both).

9: Music ($15)

music meditation gift idea

Here’s one of the Buddhist gift ideas that can’t go wrong. 

Buddhists and spiritualists have a slightly different relationship to music than most people. They use music as a way to enter nirvana.

A beautiful piece of music will help them find their inner peace. Instead of just listening, they will meditate to the music. And for that, only the most beautiful music will do. There are lots of traditional music CDs and albums that make wonderful gifts for Buddhists. 

10: DVDs And Books (varies)  

dvd and book gifts for buddhists

You can find many of the best Buddhist gift ideas in my selection of meditation DVDs.

When buying a DVD or book, you’re not looking for Bourne or The Hunger Games. You’re looking for a divine viewing / reading experience that delves into philosophy.

There are an infinity of books available. I would personally choose Awakening The Buddha Within by Lama Surya Das (it’s the book that got me started). But there are so many beautiful choices. Take a look at the link above for my top picks.

DVDs are also in plentiful supply.  I personally recommend Kundun by Martin Scorsese. 

 11: Meditation Crystals  

crystals meditation gift idea

If youre looking for the best gifts for a yoga and meditation lover you might like to consider meditation crystals. [READ: Best Meditation Crystals

Meditation crystals are objects that we meditate on. Different crystals have different spiritual properties, so you can choose a type of crystal that means something to them.

12: Buddhist Lotus Flower Incense Burner PRICE: $16.99 

lotus flower incense burner


This pretty little incense burner is carved into the shape of a lotus flower (see above). It comes with incense sticks and holds candles. This is a thoughtful romantic Buddhist gift idea

Why is this one of the best gifts for Buddhists?   Burning incense is a tradition in Buddhism, and there are many different uses of incense. The most popular types of incense are ones that calm the mind.

At just $15 this is a beautiful, inexpensive little Zen gift idea. It is the symbolism that makes this one of the best gifts for Buddhists. 

13: Our books 

meditation book

There is one thing that all meditation, Buddhism and yoga lovers want: they want to learn more about their practice and pastime. And the best way to do that is with books. 

14: Take A Zen Walk With Them (Free)

zen walk meditation gift idea

A walk?

I’m joking, aren’t I?

Honestly, I wish I had more people who were willing to go to my favourite spots with me to walk. Specifically, I wish there were more people who would go for a Zen walk with me. And if they did, I would consider it a most precious present. On their birthday morning go for a nice long Zen walk with them and they will truly appreciate it.

Yes, some of the best meditation gifts don’t have to cost a penny. They just have to be meaningful!  

Now let’s look at the best gifts for yoga lovers. 


Buddhist Gift Checklist  

Ultimately, you can buy Buddhists any gift you like. They will appreciate it either way. But the best Buddhist and meditation gift ideas should be:

I hope they absolutely love the Buddhist gifts you get them! 

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Written by Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a qualified meditation teacher and writer with more than 15 years experience in meditation and mindfulness. He studied meditation in Oxford, UK, and Hamilton Ontario Canada, and earned his degree at Staffordshire University. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential through mindfulness, yoga and meditation.