Begin Learning Meditation With This Beautiful Infographic
Begin Learning Meditation With This Beautiful Infographic

This meditation infographic shows you how to meditate and also why you should probably meditate every day. Feel free to print and share this infographic.

You can meditate any time of the day to promote relaxation and wellbeing and to improve you overall health. Here’s how to meditate at any time during the day and night.

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How To Meditate At Any Time of the Day

 Getting Up Early: Watch the sunrise and be mindful of the changing colours of morning for a beautiful start to the day

Breakfast: Meditate on the colours, scent and taste of the food

Walking to work: Meditate on the sensation of movement in your legs

At Work: In Breaks, take five minutes here and there to meditate on your breathing to get a refreshing break and recharge. This will make you more effective when you go back to work.

Your office space: Don’t forget to use a spot of Feng Shui to create the ideal office space. Try to include a plant for some growth and some greenery. Also try to open windows and avoid clutter. This will make your work space more efficient and more conducive to good work.

Lunch: Take ten minutes to go for a quick Zen walking meditation for exercise and relaxation.   Remember to meditate on the food you have for lunch.

Walking home: Take the opportunity to do some Zen walking meditation by focussing on the sensation of movement in your legs as you slowly walk home.

At home: It’s important to take a proper break when you get home to recharge and release any stress from work. Close your eyes for ten minutes and meditate on your breath. Best of all, it’s easy to mediate at home. Read our guide to meditating at home properly.

During the evening: Try to do a little Yoga or Tai Chi to relax, release physical tension and to develop your mind body connection

When watching the TV: Watch nonjudgmentally. If watching a nature show or show with beautiful scenery, meditate on the scenery. If the show involves a lot of dialogue, meditate on the voices of the actors.

Before bed: close your eyes and do some slow and gentle movements while focusing on your breathing.

Before sleep: Meditate on your breath for ten minutes and you will get a good night’s rest.

And that’s it! Your total day’s meditation is done. By using some or all of these techniques you will glean the health benefits of meditation find complete relaxation, making you more centred and focused and more efficient and effective when you work.

Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a meditation teacher, author and journalist based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential.

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