A meditation museum in Silver Spring Washington is challenging the way we think about life.

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The Meditation Museum, which was founded by Sister Jenna, offers students of all ages an opportunity to velar their mind and relax, discussing spiritual self help and cultivating their minds.

“Our audience is full of individuals who are soul searching,” says Sister Jenna. “They want to be better people. They are stuck.”

The museum is open to people regardless of their religious beliefs. Since 2009m the museum has offered free classes on meditation along with workshops that discuss spirituality, growing up, the soul and more. With presenters, discussions and lessons in silencing the mind, the Meditation Museum offers complete spiritual therapy for all comers.

Sister Jenna advises that individuals challenge their thoughts and limitations. She also suggests changing the way we view meditation. “A lot of people think meditation is about sitting down and being quiet and emptying the mind.” This, she says, is a misguided view of meditation caused by the Western World’s incomplete understanding of meditation. “Meditation should teach students how to perform actions based on your thoughts and your feelings.”

The aesthetic is very important to the Meditation Museum. The museum incorporates art in every room, with paintings and sculptures, a Tree of Blessings and more.  All reports speak to the beauty and relaxation of the space, with many visitor stating that they feel a deep, spiritual relaxation the moment they walk through the door.

 Perhaps the most important lesson to be learnt from the Meditation Museum is that we all need a spiritual haven; a place to visit when we are down or stressed, a place of immense relaxation, somewhere to escape to. We shouldn’t need to visit a museum to find relaxation; we should, instead, have a dedicated meditation space in our own home which is always there for us.



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