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meditation starter kit with chair,, mala and book
The only really essential items you need in a meditation starter kit are a mala, chair, and a book

A good meditation starter kit, with all the items you need to start meditating, will help to ensure that you practice meditation successfully.

The good news is that you really don’t need that much equipment to start meditating [READ: How To Start Meditating At Home].

However, some items can be truly helpful.

I previously wrote about the best meditation tools. They range from brain-sensing headbands to virtual-reality meditation games and more. But if I can be honest with you for one moment: You really don’t need those fancy items to start meditating. That’s why I haven’t included any of them in this meditation starter kit.

In fact, it is entirely possible to meditate with absolutely nothing other than your breath. You can sit on the floor, breathe mindfully, and hey presto! you will be meditating.

That said, as a meditation teacher there are a few items that I recommend you buy.

Let me share my meditation starter kit with you. I’ve listed it by essential items and then nice to have items, so you can get started meditating without breaking your wallet.

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Essential Items in A Meditation Starter Kit

Meditation starter kit

A Teacher

If you are legitimately interested in learning to meditate, a teacher will do wonders for you. I personally specialise in giving lessons to newcomers. And my students always tell me the same thing: I save them so much time and money by giving them just one lesson.

If you plan on meditating properly, you need to aim for 20 minutes a day. That’s 140 minutes a week. Or 121 hours a year. That’s a long time to taste if you are not sure how to meditate properly. And that is why it is worth taking one lesson with a meditation teacher.

Book an online meditation lesson here. 

1: Mala

What Is It?

A meditation mala is a bracelet with beads that you wear around your neck or wrist. They were traditionally used by Buddhist monks. However, they are very fashionable today and are seen in yoga and other spiritual-health practices.

They are arguably the single most popular meditation item of all time, and there is a particularly good reason for that.

Why it’s in our meditation starter kit

Meditation malas are used to count breaths. Each time we breathe, we move one of the beads on the mala, and we keep going until we reach the large bead, the “Guru” bead at the end.

This is important for one reason. When you meditate, you should not refer to the time. You do not want to be looking at a clock because this will distract you. Instead, you need to count your breaths. And that is precisely what a mala does: it helps you count your breaths.

You can learn more about these in my guide to meditation mala bracelets.


Best One

Meditation malas range massively in terms of price and quality. For this meditation starter set, I recommended getting a good but moderately priced mala. The one I personally recommend is the MeruBeads Mala Necklace, which is a good and durable mala at a reasonable price. It’s available on Amazon.



2: Meditation Book

What Is It

A meditation book is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a book that teaches you meditation. There are a lot of different choices here. For your meditation starter kit, I recommend a book that is easy to read, one that teaches you the basics of meditation, and one that shares the best techniques with you.

Why it’s in our meditation starter kit

In 2021 it is possible to learn meditation without reading a book. You can hop online and take a look at the techniques on various websites. However, for the absolute beginner, I do not recommend this. Why? Because the internet is unstructured. You go from one page to the next with little sense of order. And this is not an effective way to learn meditation. Instead, you want a book that leads you from “absolute beginner” to “I know what I’m doing”.

Best One

Okay. It’s time for me to do a little bit of self-promotion here. Because I do have my own meditation book. It’s called Your Best Meditation.

Honestly, I strongly believe that it is the very best meditation book for beginners. The reason is that, in the book, I teach you literally everything you will ever need to know about meditation. I show you the basics, and then I explain all the different techniques and their benefits. So look at the link above to see my meditation book.


3: Meditation Seat

What Is It

A meditation seat is a chair that has been specifically designed to help you learn the proper meditation postures. [READ: Meditation Chair Buyers Guide]

Having the right posture is essential in meditation because your posture influences your state of mind. Honestly, one of the biggest mistakes I see in meditators today is that they do not meditate with the right posture. And it’s a big deal.


Meditation requires you to have good posture. If you do not have good posture when you meditate you will not focus properly and you will not meditate properly.

A good meditation chair helps you to sit comfortably and in the right posture. This helps you to focus so you get more out of meditation. They are doubly important if you have any physical injury.

Best One

Meditation chairs vary massively in price and quality. That’s why you might like to refer to my link above, where I give you a complete guide to choosing a chair.

Specifically for a meditation starter kit, however, I recommend a comfortable but relatively inexpensive one. An excellent choice is the BonVivo Padded Floor Chair, on Amazon.

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Great Extras For A Meditation Starter Kit

Do you see how little you need in order to start meditating? You can get all the essential items in our meditation starter kit for less than $200! That’s significantly cheaper than a starter kit for most hobbies.

So, if you’re in the luxurious position of having a bit more cash to burn, there are a few little extras that you might want to consider. These are not essential. Your meditation starter kit will be fine without them. But they are wonderful additions. Let’s take a look.

5: Tibetan Singing Bowl

What Is It

Okay. Let me tell you a secret. I am a singing bowl geek. I love them, as many people do.

A singing bowl is an instrument that is shaped like a bell. You hold it in your hand and run a mallet around the outside. This produces a beautiful sound that you meditate on.

Singing bowls are one of the oldest meditation tools in existence. And they are powerful. The precise frequency of sound these bowls produce helps to focus the mind and heal the body. For a truly fascinating read, take a look at my guide to Tibetan Singing Bowls.


Why it’s in our meditation starter kit

Not only are these instruments truly beautiful, but they are also powerful. It has been scientifically proven that meditating on the sound of a singing bowl helps to heal the mind and body (refer to the link above).

Best One

For our meditation starter kit, I recommend you get one single bowl, and the one I would choose is the Silent Mind one.


6: Apps

What Is It

A meditation app is any app that helps you to meditate. These are incredibly popular today. Apps like Calm And Headspace have been downloaded by millions of people in order to help them meditate and develop the habit of meditation.


Let me be completely honest with you. You do not need a meditation app. As a meditation teacher, I do not use an app. When I meditate, I absolutely do not want to be on my phone. That’s why I personally don’t use one.

However, a lot of people have said that apps help them to learn to meditate, and also remind them to meditate every day. So, in terms of a meditation starter kit, I guess they could come in pretty handy.

Best One

There are too many to choose. Take a look at my link above.


Have you got your meditation starter kit all ready now?

Again, you really don’t need a lot of equipment to start meditating. I do recommend a mala, chair, a book, and a lesson with me. But that’s about it. Nothing else is really necessary.



By Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a passionate meditation teacher who believes in genuine, authentic meditation. He has more than 15 years experience in meditation and mindfulness. He studied meditation in beautiful Oxford, UK, and Hamilton Ontario Canada, and earned his degree at Staffordshire University. "My goal is to provide the most authentic meditation sessions so you can harness the power of your own mind for personal transformation" - Paul Harrison

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  1. Great article, meditation has changed my life dramatically. I have been practising Global Light Meditation. This is a meditation done from the space of our own homes, collectively we all meditate simultaneously! Bring love healing and light to mother earth. In this time of isolation. Its completely free join us in our group

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