Meditation Script For Being Present [Short Mindfulness Session]

Meditation Script For Being Present

My meditation script for being present will help you to live in the moment, to get out of your mind, and to enjoy now. Being present is essentially about being present-moment minded, about being mindful. Mindfulness is imperative for both health and happiness. Research shows that focusing the mind on the present moment (being mindful) […]

Meditation Script For Grounding: Quick Grounding Practice Session

grounding meditation script

In this meditation session, we will be using a meditation script for grounding. So what is grounding meditation? Technically speaking, grounding is when we create a connection between the body and the mind’s electrical frequencies and that of the Earth’s. But generally, when people say they feel grounded, they mean they feel stable, mindful, calm […]

Self Inquiry Meditation Benefits & Technique: Discover Yourself

self inquiry meditation

Self inquiry meditation benefits you by helping you to see the nature of your true reality. The self inquiry meditation technique (instructions below) will help you to detach from Maya (the illusion of yourself and the world) and discover your innermost being. If you’ve tried the breathing meditations and techniques like Vipassana, you might be […]

Candle Gazing Meditation (Trataka) Benefits & Technique

candle gazing meditation

In this guide we will be looking at Candle Gazing Meditation (Trataka meditation): the benefits, instructions, and how to use the technique. So, what it Candle Gazing Meditation (or “Trataka Meditation”)? Essentially it is a meditation technique in which we focus our gaze on a candle. And it is one of the most popular meditations […]

Kundalini Meditation Technique: Awaken Your Kundalini Energy

kundalini meditation technique

Kundalini meditation has earned something of a cult reputation amongst yogis. It is revered as a powerful meditation technique that can fully awaken your conscious awareness. And it is one of the most popular Yoga Meditations.  Kundalini meditation technique is said to do this by awakening kundalini energy, which is a lifeforce energy usually dormant […]

How To Meditate: Step By Step Guide [Infographic]

how to meditate guide

In this infographic I’ll show you how to meditate step by step.  As a meditation teacher, I know lots of people are looking for easy ways to start meditating (my guide to practising at home will help). And you might like a way to keep these instructions for later. That’s why I decided to create […]

Best Meditations For Arthritis To Make Your Pain Stop  

meditation for arthritis

Research shows that there are big benefits of meditation for arthritis pain [1]. Studies shows that regularly practising meditation can help to stop the pain of arthritis. However, if you are to successfully use meditation for arthritis, it is imperative to stick to the practice and to continue to do it for twenty minutes per […]

Mindfulness VS Meditation: Are They The Same Thing?

mindfulness vs meditation

As a meditation teacher, many of my students ask me, “Are mindfulness and meditation the same thing?” The difference between mindfulness and meditation can be a little confusing. The reason is that there are actually two different definitions of mindfulness. One is the original Buddhist meaning of the word. “Mindfulness Meditation” is an actual form […]

My New Way Of Meditating Has Basically Changed Everything

new meditation technique

Recently I’ve been using a new way of meditating and he has made a huge difference in the way I perceive myself and the world around me. I actually don’t have a name for this new meditation techniques. Maybe I’ll call it “Zero Infinity”, you’ll see why in a moment. As you may know, there […]

Forest Bathing Meditation Script, Benefits & More

forest bathing meditation script

I love forest bathing meditation. In Japan it’s called “Shinrin Yoku” [1], which literally translates to “Forest Bathing”. The meditation script, benefits, and tips in this guide will help you to start this rising form of meditation.   Nothing feels better than sitting by a willow tree, closing your eyes, taking some deep breaths, and […]

Thoughts During Meditation? Handle Them The Enlightened Way

a girl sitting in a forest thinking

Have you ever wondered what to do with thoughts during meditation? You might have noticed that the typical advice to “Let go of your thoughts” when meditating is actually incredibly hard. Everyone says that you should simply let those intrusive thoughts go right by you, not being disturbed by them. But is that even possible? […]

Chanting Meditation For Beginners [Benefits, Techniques, & Tradition]

Chanting Meditation Guide

There are many benefits of chanting meditation for beginners to look forward to. This meditative style is traditionally used in Buddhism [read: Buddhist meditation] as well as in Hinduism yoga, and Christianity. In this guide, I’ll share everything you need to know to get started with chanting meditation. What is chanting meditation—A Beginner’s Introduction Chanting […]

Falun Gong Meditation Benefits: What You Need To Know

falun gong meditation

A new study has highlighted the benefits of Falun Gong meditation exercises. The study shows that practicing Falun Gong meditation (Falun Dafa) improves cognitive abilities and emotional processing. It is will established that there are many benefits of meditation. Today, meditation and yoga are the two fasting rising alternative health practices in the world. It’s […]

Most Powerful Meditations You Can Do, Ranked By Science

most powerful meditations in the world

What is the most powerful meditation you can do? Over the past few years, there has been considerable scientific research into the benefits of different types of meditation. If you follow our newsletter, you will have seen tutorials on all different types of meditation. But you might wonder what the most powerful meditation you can […]

How To Regain Sexual Confidence With Meditation & Enjoy Sex Again

regain sexual confidence

If you want to know how to regain sexual confidence, start by accepting the truth: you’re not alone. Listen: There are millions of people, both men and women, who need to regain sexual confidence. Meditation helps. But what helps more than anything is remembering that you are not alone in this. Ever since sex therapy began […]

Gong Bath Meditation – Everything You Need To Know

gong bath meditation

There is nothing quite like a gong bath meditation. This ancient healing technique offers benefits for anxiety, sleep, stress and many other mental health problems. Not to mention, they are serenely relaxing. I personally find them utterly divine. You may have noticed how popular they have been getting. If you visit a bigger city like […]

Mindfulness Meditation For Beginners: How To Get Started

mindfulness meditation for beginners

In this guide, we look at getting started with mindfulness for beginners.  If you’re just getting started with mindfulness as a beginner, you might wonder what the craze is all about. Why is it one of the fastest-growing health practices of the past decade? What will you get out of it? There are so many […]

How To Meditate Properly At Home For Beginners

meditation for beginners

In this guide, we will be looking at how to do meditation at home for beginners. This will be a complete tutorial, so you learn how to meditate properly.  When you’re learning how to meditate at home (as opposed to on a retreat or at a studio), you don’t have a personal teacher, so it’s […]

Book An Online Meditation Lesson With THE DAILY MEDITATION

online meditation lessons

Book a meditation lesson online with THE DAILY MEDITATION. Our online meditation lessons are the perfect way to learn how to meditate. As a meditation teacher I am always delighted to accept new students. Nothing makes me happier than teaching people how to meditate. And today I would like to invite you to join me […]

How To Stay Mindful All The Time According To Buddha

how to stay mindful all the time

One of the biggest challenges in mindfulness is simply knowing how to stay mindful all the time. Thankfully, you can stay mindful using the Four Foundations Of Mindfulness. You know what it’s like. You take your frequent twenty-minute breaks to practice mindfulness (read our guide to mindfulness exercises). While you are meditating, you feel great. […]