How To Protect Yourself From Anxiety

how to protect yourself from anxiety

Today, I would like to talk about how to protect yourself from anxiety. There’s a reason why I want to talk about this today: Yesterday I made a mistake. I did everything wrong. I overworked, allowed myself to think negatively all day, didn’t give myself any breaks, and suffered a panic attack. It was my […]

How To Use Your Consciousness For A Better Life

how to use consciousness

Today I am deciding to make one life choice that is going to make my life so much happier and healthier. My choice is this: to use my consciousness to create happiness and health. Consciousness is simply the awareness of existence. It is a small part of the mind (read about our Subconscious Mind Power […]

14 Best Mental Health Exercises Like Meditation

best mental health exercises like meditation

Today I’ve been interviewing all sorts of mental health experts to find out the very best mental health exercises like meditation that are good for your brain. In the list below you’ll find mental health exercises like meditation, journaling, cognitive behavioural therapy, sound baths and much more. Try each exercise to find the best ones […]

How To Have A Non Judgmental Attitude (Yes You, Mr Judgy)

non judgmental attitude

You might have noticed how meditation teachers like me always talk about having a non-judgmental attitude. Being non-judgmental is one of the fundamental aspects of mindfulness (consciously living in the moment). But’s it’s not always easy to achieve. Modern society has predisposed us to have judgmental attitudes, labelling people by their status in society, their […]

Mindfulness Meditation For Autism Child & Teen

mindfulness meditation for autism child

Atlanta, G.A—Emory University research highlights the benefits of mindfulness and meditation for autistic children and teens. Autism is a “developmental disorder that affects communication and behavior,” according to the National Institute of Mental Health. NIH states that is a “developmental disorder” because symptoms generally appear in the first two years of life.” According to the […]

The Science of Deep Breathing – Why It Benefits Us So Much

The Science of Deep Breathing – Why It Benefits Us So Much

New research reveals the science of deep breathing and why it benefits us so very much. Meditators are well accustomed to the fact that the way we breathe influences the mind. Proper breathing techniques can relax the mind and offer myriad mental and physical health benefits. But just how does breathing influence your mind? Breathing […]

Meditation VS AntiDepressants: I Can’t Decide So I’ll Do Both!

meditation vs antidepressants

Many people wonder about how meditation and antidepressants work together? Can you use meditation to replace antidepressants? Can you meditate while on antidepressants? And in a meditation vs antidepressants showdown, which one wins? In an idealistic world we would say that meditation can replace antidepressants. After all, it certainly is possible to successfully use meditation […]

MY COVID-19 Isolation Meditation Challenge For You

mindful self isolation

Looks like now is the perfect time for an isolation-meditation challenge…  Unless you’ve been living in a silent retreat like Jardeo Leto for the past 12 weeks, you probably know that COVID-19 is spreading, and self-isolation appears to be the key to saving lives. That’s why I’ve created my Isolation Meditation Challenge for you. [READ: […]

How I’m Overcoming Stress And Anxiety At Work

overcoming stress and anxiety at work

I’ve recently started using some techniques and exercises for overcoming stress and anxiety at work. Things like positivity, meditation, mindfulness and yoga. These exercises have helped me with my part-time retail sales job. And they’ve completely changed my mentality in the workplace. Plus, they have been helping me with a serious problem I’ve ben facing: […]

How To Design Your Home For Mental Health

a relaxing home design for mental health

The layout and design of the family home can have a direct affect on the mental health of both yourself and your family. Overcrowding, clutter, poorly chosen décor, and certain pollutants can cause anxiety, depression and stress. But there is good news: you can take charge and re-design your home for mental health. There are […]

The Scientific Reasons Why Meditation Makes You Happy

why meditation makes you happy

Have you ever wondered why meditation makes you happy? Essentially, when you use meditation techniques for happiness, you train the mind to stop wandering and to live in the moment. And this makes you happy. Science proves this. Let’s take a look. Here’s Why Meditation Makes You Happy Meditation makes you happy because it stops […]

Meditation Techniques For Stress Relief – Simple Scripts

meditation for stress relief

What are the best meditation techniques for stress relief? In this article, you’ll find guided meditation scripts for stress, Buddhist techniques, modern methods, and exercises to do at home. As a meditation teacher, one of the questions many people ask me is this: What are the best meditation techniques for stress relief?  What Are Meditation […]

10 Crazy Traits Empathetic People Share

traits empathetic people share

It’s a crazy life, being an empath. Just take a look at the list of traits empathetic people share, below. It’s crazy. As an empath myself, I know firsthand how being an empath is sometimes a wonderful dream, and sometimes a terrible nightmare. Take a look at the traits empathetic people share, below, and let […]

20 Cognitive Benefits Of Meditation To Make You Smarter

cognitive benefits of meditation

If you’re trying to boost your mind, you really should consider all the cognitive benefits of meditation for your brain.  If, like me, you believe in exercising your brain, then meditation is a must. The more you meditate the stronger your brain will become. It even makes you smarter. For proof, take a look at […]

How I Used Meditation For Fear Exposure To Beat My Demons

meditation for fear exposure

If we were all honest, we would openly admit that we all have fears in our lives. And those fears stop us from growing as human beings. The good news, however, is this: We can use meditation for fear. We can completely stop our fear by meditating and by doing fear exposure therapy. One of […]

25 Best Herbs For Meditation To Help You Relax [RANKED]

herbs for meditation

What are the best herbs for meditation? And how can the herbs of Ayurveda help with inner peace and focus?  In this guide I will share the very best Ayurveda herbs for meditation to help you find that sweet Zen spot. The majority of the herbs listed below come from Ayurveda [read: 9 Ayurveda practices […]

Sound Healing Meditation And Instruments – Ultimate Guide

sound healing meditation

Have you ever tried sound healing meditation techniques? It’s a form of meditation that uses specific sound healing instruments to boost health and wellness. As a meditation teacher and lifelong musician, I love meditations that use sound [for instance, meditating on a singing bowl]. I have witnessed firsthand how sound healing instruments can cure people. Yes, […]

5 Positive Thinking Meditations For Positive Thoughts All Day

positive thinking meditation

If you want to start a habit of positive thinking, meditation is an absolute must. You can use meditation for positive thoughts all day long. And it works significantly better than other positive thinking exercises. I’m sure you know what it’s like. You try to think on the bright side all the time, yet you […]

CBD, Yoga & Meditation: What You Need To Know

yoga cbd and meditation

There are amazing benefits of using CBD for meditation and yoga. If you’ve been considering using CBD before yoga or meditation, you will definitely be interested to hear about these effects. Now that hemp-derived products have been made legal around the country, many people are starting to combine yoga, CBD and meditation for a powerful […]

The 7 Ways How To Cope With Depression In A Marriage

how to cope with depression in a marriage

If your relationship has been difficult recently and emotions are a problem, you will probably want to know how to cope with depression in a marriage.   Feeling sad, depressed, and unmotivated are not uncommon feelings. And you can stop most of these issues by using just a few techniques. For instance, try using meditation for […]